a few good ipod mods

Posted by: lethilogica

a few good ipod mods - 04/12/05 04:50 PM

hey y'all.
I'm a magazine writer looking for a few eye-catching, creative ipod mods to showcase in an article. I'm looking for stuff along the lines of the Walkman mod, not just lights or bead-blasting and nothing that you just bought and stuck on. So if you've put some time into making your ipod a work of art (or know someone who has), let me know. You deserve to be recognized.
Posted by: KnifeLord

Re:a few good ipod mods - 04/12/05 09:38 PM

Check out the ones we have, click on "Mod Guides/Peripheral Mods/iPod" or just click on the link... http://macmod.com/content/category/6/53/2/