imac mod using original psu

Posted by: onetwoxu

imac mod using original psu - 03/07/05 03:26 AM

Hi everyone. I'm trying to do a case mod for my rev a imac. I've seen plenty of good links on how to get it working with a standard atx power supply, but so far i can't seem to figure out how to get the power switch working with the original power supply. From the imac service manual it looks as if the power switch / headphone board must go through the analog board, which i want to bypass completely. any info on how to get this working would be greatly appreciated!
Posted by: MikeMan

Re:imac mod using original psu - 03/18/05 06:09 AM

im trying to do the same thing as you are my guess is to just pull out the PSU and parts leave the Screen Psu alone take the microphone speakers everything nand look for the parts to run when i get my cube parts ill reply and show you what i mean