Posted by: Toyj

8100/80av - 03/03/05 07:33 PM

i think that is the name of it ... but i have an old mac 8100/80av very nice condition for how old it is. I got it free with all my other macs from the N&O and i tryed starting it up and it made the BONG noise and then nothing i dont know wut to do i really dont know where to start to find the problem.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:8100/80av - 03/03/05 08:43 PM

Check to make sure everything is seated, and swap out RAM if you can. The ROM tone is a sign the board should work, but you never know. Post up as much info on your troubleshooting so we can figure out whats going on with it.
Posted by: Toyj

Re:8100/80av - 03/04/05 09:08 AM

well it makes the BONG noise and it acts like it is going to start up the sreen turns on like it is supposed to but then it turns right back off. I have tried switching HD at least 8 of them and it doesnt seem to matter wut kind of HD i have in it. everything is in its right spot im pretty sure but i will make sure once i get home.
Posted by: maestro

Re:8100/80av - 03/04/05 12:53 PM

Try and boot from a CD.
Posted by: Toyj

Re:8100/80av - 03/04/05 03:13 PM

well the latest OS on there is 8.6 i know b/c the guy that gave it to me told me but i only have cds For 8.5 , 9.2 and os X
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:8100/80av - 03/05/05 12:45 AM

I don't think that its a HD issue. Seems like it could be a power issue maybe, or like Whitlock said RAM possibly. I would mess around with some things to try and pin point it a little further.