Rackmount casemods for Macs?

Posted by: kristallin

Rackmount casemods for Macs? - 02/21/05 01:57 PM

Hello all, n00bie here, be gentle...

I've been wanting to rackmount my old, modded-up 7600s (G4 heart now) and Gigabit Ethernet Macs - but not as in slap some rack ears on the sides of the existing cases - putting them in a new, low profile 19" rack case. Does anybody know if this animal even exists, and where one might get one of those?

Posted by: whitlock

Re:Rackmount casemods for Macs? - 02/22/05 01:22 AM

I have not heard of this animal you speak of. Have you tried a veterinary website?


Seriously, though, I have not seen rackmounts for these machines except what you were talking about. I've seen some good U4's around and I'd suggest buying an old one and moving the machines into the old cases, though some modding will need to be done. Like that's a bad thing.
Posted by: maestro

Re:Rackmount casemods for Macs? - 02/22/05 08:52 AM

You can purchase empty rack cases from several supplies. You could then just mod them to accept your macs innards.