Time to paint the Mini.

Posted by: modyourmac

Time to paint the Mini. - 02/02/05 11:52 AM

okay all, the hand is healed (finally) and that means its time to get back to work. Its time for me to paint the Mac Mini. (Insert evil laughter here)

Here's where everyone gets to help. I was thinking of shooting it with a candy red but then I started looking at my chip book and ended up with a million ideas, but no decisions. So I figured I'd let the group decide. Everyone go to:


and look at the online chips. figure that these arent perfect representations of the actual chips. I'll try and get good scans this evening. Regardless, everyone have a look and toss in a comment for the color they like best. The best idea/color with the most vote will end up adorning my Mac Mini. Sound good?
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Time to paint the Mini. - 02/02/05 04:31 PM

Steel blue...sorry, a personal favorite.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Time to paint the Mini. - 02/02/05 06:52 PM

Im thinking detail red brown or just black. I think that the black would look quite nice actually. But, the red brown would be cool too.
Posted by: krusher117

Re:Time to paint the Mini. - 02/03/05 09:54 AM

I vote for Yellowish Red. Maybe do the Yellow and then the Red (it will show through a little right?)
Posted by: modyourmac

Re:Time to paint the Mini. - 02/03/05 10:10 AM

I could go for a steel blue, but the mini is already an aluminum/steel color. I'm thinking something radically different.

Black would look good too, but it would have to be a pearlized black. or maybe a candy black (yes, they make one :woohoo: )

Yellowish red is also a possibility. I can get a Gem Ruby which is a chameleon that shimmers from red to yellow, but it tends to throw in some copper and green hues I'm not too hype for. I could shoot a detail yellow, and a candy red over top, but it would probably come out more like a strange orange. hmmm...

All good ideas so far. Lets all keep pondering it till we nail it with the perfect idea. I want this one to really shine.

Oh, I was thinking of painting the white top in a metallic white, and then decal transfering the macMod logo onto the top. Any thoughts?
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Time to paint the Mini. - 02/03/05 11:48 AM

Were you thinking like the 4602 Candy Sunset color for it? That would look really nice as well, though the highligh colours would be great! And a metallic white for the top would be great because that's the only way you are going to redo the design.

I have this pic of my G&W Apple on top of my mini, thought I'd throw it up so people can get a better pic in their heads.
Posted by: modyourmac

Re:Time to paint the Mini. - 02/03/05 11:59 AM

the candy sunset would be pretty. laugh

I've actually never shot that specific color. i've used the candy orange next to it, which is more of a dark orange. (makes a mental note to order the sunset for testing purposes)

Technically, the top is plastic, so a base coat over it gives the option for pretty much anything. If I'm gonna decal transfer something, it looks best over the metallic white fine (4330) or the pearlized white (4301) But if I'm not gonna transfer anything to it, any color is game.

Oh, nice picture by the way. Tré cool! laugh
Posted by: maestro

Re:Time to paint the Mini. - 02/03/05 12:05 PM

I would have to say a high gloss black, kinda like piano lacquer. laugh
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Time to paint the Mini. - 02/03/05 03:25 PM

I think that a decal transfer with the macmod logo would be awesome. It would just say, "this is a mac mod" wink and the pearl white would look good as well. My thoughts