SE/30 Case Opening

Posted by: maclover1986

SE/30 Case Opening - 01/28/05 04:48 AM

Hey guys,

Does anybody know how to remove the two Torx screws that lie beneath the handle on an SE/30?
I can't seem to get at them with my normal Torx bits for any screwdriver, with and without my screwdriver extensions. If I do use the extensions, they get lodged in the tapered holes. The extensions being lodged inside the tapered holes is the problem in which I run into.

Even if this were to be done on an original Mac, for if you were to turn it into a Macquarium.

If anyone can help me, I would be much obliged.

Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:SE/30 Case Opening - 01/28/05 07:45 AM

not too sure that I understand where you are having problems. However, whenever I can't get a torx bit to fit in a torx screw I often use a flat head screwdriver and find one that fits real snug so that it doesn't strip it.

Maybe give that a try.
Posted by: maestro

Re:SE/30 Case Opening - 01/28/05 08:28 AM

I am not sure because it has been years since I had one on those. Is it s security torx bit, or can you just not reach it?
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:SE/30 Case Opening - 01/28/05 08:34 AM

I think I understand what you mean, after reading it again. I take it that the screw is through a hole in the side of the casing. And, all the fittings that you have to use to reach it are too fat. Therefore, you need some sort od thin torx screw driver. Will a regular flat head not be long enough? Try it like what I was saying earlier. They even make really long flat heads that might do the trick, just a couple bucks. I know what you mean by a torx bit. The usually have to fit on a rather blunt end of a screwdriver. And the extensions are the same way. I think that the flathead may be your ticket if I am understanding you correctly.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:SE/30 Case Opening - 01/28/05 09:29 AM

Sorry it took me so long to answer. Apple made this super long Torx to open it up, and was a specific tool. If you can get one of those hex bit tools for a car that extends it by a couple feet, and a very thin bit, this will work.

STANDARD TORX - I used it on a lot of machines
Posted by: mark

Re:SE/30 Case Opening - 01/28/05 01:54 PM

A cheap way of removing the screws is jamming the torx bit into the end of a plastic stick pen. By no means as good as having the right torx bit but if the screws aren't too tight it can work in a pinch.

Otherwise you might find a long shaft torx 15 bit in an automotive store. Maybe a large computer repair kit or a big box store but its been a long time since I've seen one for sale.
Posted by: maestro

Re:SE/30 Case Opening - 01/28/05 11:11 PM

I have a good solution for you. There is a torx multi tool that should work. Its kinda like an allen wrech multi tool but with torx. Try a hardware store, or maybe a bike shop. They look like a pocket knife but with long thin torx drivers. Hope this helps.