The iD.J.

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The iD.J. - 01/06/05 05:27 AM

I will soon be starting a project for my blueberry 333mhtz imac that will turn it into a dedicated music machine That can easily and safley toted around to parties, around the hous etc. without taking damage. If you have ever seen a DJ crate with the carpet type covering on the particle/flake board box, that is what i will be makeing. The only difference is that this will have an iMac with all my digital music in it. I also plan to take advantage of the 2 front audio jacks on it (one for speakers, the other for headphones or something like that. I was curious if anybody had any suggestions for this... Oh, I also plan to incorperate some heavy duty handles into this.
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Re:The iD.J. - 01/06/05 06:14 AM

might i suggest a digital optical usb converter for your sound. The headphone jacks will produce quite a bit of feedback which won't quite cut it for DJ'ing. Digital Optical with a nice receiver and a monitor or two should do you nice though... :P
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Re:The iD.J. - 01/06/05 06:19 AM

Trust me I would, but this is only for personal use and I'm trying to keep it low budget. I don't DJ, but I do tote that stuff to parties so people ave music to listen to. Thats all. I am also considering getting an older reciver to install in this case from a thrift store or something, which works for me. I prefer doing amplification with analog basic stero equipment from the 80's/early 90's because its cheap, sounds great, and works.

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Re:The iD.J. - 01/06/05 06:26 AM

oojacoboo makes a good point, even if you want to stay on the cheap. I would seriously consider the iMic if you want to use this as a music server. I used to do some audio cleanup and mixing having to using a iMac and the audio through the interface was really scratchy when using it. The iMic cleaned up all the issues and allowed me to hookup multiple outs, and also some RCA's (which is not hard to do with a 1/8" to RCA cord). But they do come with gold plated cords.
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Re:The iD.J. - 01/06/05 06:38 AM

I understand that you are trying to cut it low on the budget. You can pick up a nice Digital Optical ready receiver off of ebay for like 100 or so, and the imic, as whitlock mentioned, is not that pricey. Maybe you can justify spending this cash by actually doing some real DJ'ing on the side. As a member of a fraternity, I remember wanting to find someone who was willing to DJ small parties for a 100 or so a night!

If you have some spare time on the weekends and there is a nearby college, you are set. :lol:
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Re:The iD.J. - 01/07/05 05:10 AM

here is a basic scetch of my idea.

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Re:The iD.J. - 01/07/05 05:43 AM

yep, make that a digital optical receiver with an imic out for the ibook and it will be a nice setup. I was going to recommend a 5 disk, but I guess with a computer and itunes its not really a must.
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Re:The iD.J. - 01/07/05 06:01 AM

one more thing. might I suggest a door with some hinges to cover up the equipment when it is being stored and transported. Maybe even a latch with a spot for a pad lock.

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Re:The iD.J. - 01/07/05 08:35 AM

I like the hinge/lock door idea-you could also set a keyboard and mouse on it when the machine is in use. Also, this case will have a carpet covering similar to that of pro DJ equipment. I'm trying to spend less the $50 if possible, so the imic and digital reciever is out of the question. Thats how my modding works-I wait till I come accrossed somthing I can use in it and then work around it with as few and as inexpensive home depot runs as possible, keep in mind I'm only 15 and the only job I have is in the summer and thats imaging a bunch of emacs aand cleaning up periphral closets etc at a school for little more than minimum wage. This idea is really coming along.

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