apple 11E

Posted by: kro99

apple 11E - 12/21/04 05:06 AM

i am trying to put a desktop G3 into a old 2e case have it almost done but run in to one problem.
the audio card is to tall for the case.
what can i do any ideas.
Posted by: krusher117

Re:apple 11E - 12/21/04 06:26 AM

wow I'm imagining this mod and it seems pretty sweet.

If the personality card is too tall you have only 1 solution. Switch to PCI video and audio.

This looks like it will run you about $100 to buy a PCI sound card and Video card. Both of the ones i list below support 9.2.2 and will work in your PCI slots

ATI Rage 128 16mb

M-Audio 5.1 Revolution

These will still be too tall because I'm pretty sure they are full-height cards, and this makes them the same height as the personality card.

However, you can purchase PCI extension ribbon cables that allow you to put them just about anywhere you want.

The "PCI Flexible Extender" is expensive tho at $75

If you can, get the PCI right angle adapters for about half that price.

I hope this helps, but it looks like you will add $200 to the cost of your mod frown

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