New Fan Casing

Posted by: oojacoboo

New Fan Casing - 10/25/04 12:22 PM

I am not exactly saying that this is the coolest thing that I have seen, but it is quite interesting and very creative. It could be made to look cool maybe if you added a plexiglass casing around it painted white from the inside and then put holes through it all over, kinda like the G5. but then again, that may suck. Well here it is...

Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:New Fan Casing - 10/25/04 12:23 PM

Posted by: whitlock

Re:New Fan Casing - 10/25/04 08:38 PM


Woah...too many fans. I hope they are all variable fan speed or that is one loud box. It has a "cool" industrial look to it, but at the same time it just does not make sense. I'd like to see a mod guide so people can make a similar chasis (not suggesting 20 fans).