Beige G3 Tower Ideas?

Posted by: whitlock

Beige G3 Tower Ideas? - 10/09/04 04:23 AM

I'm full of ideas for a G3 Tower mod project, but I want to throw this thread up for people to post what they would do with a G3 tower. I purchased it for $10 from a guy at work and figured, what the heck. Let's see some ideas!
Posted by: mark

Re:Beige G3 Tower Ideas? - 10/09/04 01:10 PM

A custom plexiglas case is always good, the size of the Beige G3's MLB lets you have some fun in the final shape / design of the case. More so if you get some small form factor PC components to replace some of Apple's stock stuff. If I ever get back to it I was making a geodesic dome out of plexi to house my project beige G3. Really ought to get back to that one come to think of it...
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Re:Beige G3 Tower Ideas? - 10/09/04 10:59 PM

Good idea, but I'm not a fan of clear cases. But if you meant coloured plexiglass, that's something else entirely.

I'm giving the machine to my brother, because he is running Win98 and has an iPod. Poor bastard can't sync it. Anyways I'll say that the theme of this case is 80's cartoon, because he shot the idea that incorperating Cobra (yeah G.I. Joe people) would be pretty cool. It's his machine, but I said I'm modding it because beige is not acceptable on that machine.

Hmmm...maybe a circular cut, with a small plexiglass window that has the Cobra emblem etched into it, with a blue light going behind it? Thoughts?
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Re:Beige G3 Tower Ideas? - 10/10/04 02:38 AM

if you're doing a GI Joe theme keep an eye at military surplus stores for some radio gear or other military electronics. It would be a much better starting point than a stock beige G3 case. A dull industrial box PC case might be a good starting point too.

Either way maybe add in a camo paint job. I don't know how skilled you are with some of the model making stuff, but deforming the plastic and adding in some other damage could be neat. If you take your idea and merge it with some of the game themed PC mods out there you could have something very nice.
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Re:Beige G3 Tower Ideas? - 10/10/04 05:41 AM

That Half-Life mod is just plain sick, the good kind of sick that is. That is why you buy a Dremel. Maybe throw some battle damage to the case. Well, these links *gave me a lot of ideas and I'm heading over to the hardware store now. You've been a help Mark.

I'd like to see some other ideas too!

*Why I edited: The word "gave'" was spelled "gas". :dry:

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Re:Beige G3 Tower Ideas? - 10/10/04 12:22 PM

I came back from the hardware store with some supplies.

2 PVC Pipe pieces ( @ 45 cents a piece)
5 feet of low-grade wire ( @ 9 cents a foot)
4 Cans of spraypaint ( @ 2.49 a piece)
1 Bag of assorted nuts & screws ( @ 99 cents)

So far what I have done is with my Dremel is remove the branding off of the PVC pieces. After removing the branding I promptly took them into my garage and spraypainted them joined together with what is left of the grey spraypaint from my last mod. So I have a cheap pipe that looks steel and slightly aged. I'm going to use some of the wire on the case in various points. I need to use something else though, but I am going to use liberal ammounts of battle damage to the case It's lacking something, but I can't place it....
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Re:Beige G3 Tower Ideas? - 10/11/04 10:01 AM

well I guess I am a little late. I was going to say that an arcrylic case with a camo pattern painted from the inside would look insane. But that it just my late opinion. Good luck with the current progress and keep us posted with updates and take lots of pics for a mod guide. Sorry, I have to add that to my posts, its my duty wink
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Re:Beige G3 Tower Ideas? - 10/12/04 03:30 AM

I just bought some extra materials, doesn't mean that I can't still do that. Then again, I'm not going to put that much more money into a machine that I'm not keeping. It's not his birthday or anything, and he has a working machine as it is.

I'm going to use the acrylic on my laptop mod, though waiting to see if JavaDog ever posts that acrylic bending info before doing that one .