333mhtz bondi imac mods?

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333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/02/04 10:41 AM

I will soon be recieving to 333mhtz iMacs from the school my uncle works for (and possibly an emate 300 and and apple quicktake camera). My question is, is their really any mods you can do to a bondi iMac. All I can think of is maybe some lights (small ones of course).
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/02/04 01:00 PM

Well, unless you want to put the components into another box, or replace the components with PC parts, not much. The problem with Rev. A-D iMacs is that you can really only upgrade the RAM, VRAM, and processor. The latter will add firewire support to the machine. You can add light mods to it, though the plastics are dyed. Really cannot OC a Bondi, unless you have a saudering iron. Adding lights to it is pretty safe.

You could, however, spraypaint the damn case and make it into something salvagable. My G3 tower had dyed plastics too, and thats what I did. Speaker replacement is futile, so stay away form that. The CD drive can only be replaced with other tray-load machines. For ideas, I have posted some sure head turners that are possible:

-Change the power LED. It is a 2-color (3-pin) LED. Blue and White= smile
-Add lightup MOLEX power ends for the hard drive
-Add lightup IDE cables into the machine. You are going to keep the CD one
-Add a circuit to it, so when you hit the power button, it swears at you!
-Remove the CRT and replace it with another CRT (J/K)
-Add a fan that serves no purpose
-Add a cattlebrand to it of the Dog Cow. Saudering iron will suffice
-Create a stand for it
-Go online, buy the iMac server rackmount 1U case for like $400. Would be smile
-Make it into an iBong
-Turn it into anything else than Bondi. One of the worst colours for a machine. Revolutionary, sure, but still junk. Reminds me of a colour some chav would make his car.

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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/03/04 12:23 AM

haha I've run into the same problem for picking out mods... with a Ruby and an Indigo (isn't indigo like blue/green? This things looks pretty damn blue to me.. meh w/e) I like the iBong idea.... that could be fun laugh nah... the route I'll proably take would involve EL Wire and the Swearing circut.. All you'd need is one of those lil push button boxes that screams out "_censored_ off" whenever you press the button. Or just hack the hell out of a Yak-Bak. I think I may just skip studying for exams tonite and check on what all I can do to this lil beast of a machine. Expect pictures... Lots of pictures

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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/03/04 12:52 AM

I do like the Clarus branding, and I plan on doing a lighting effect or two, including replacing the stock fan with an led fan. I have no purpose for an iBong since I don't do drugs, or smoke, or even drink for that matter, (Keep in mind I'm only 15) I have a stand for it (the iDock) and thats about it.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/03/04 10:20 PM

I'm glad you don't use drugs man, no one should.

With the fan, it's not a standard 80mm fan, so when you pickup a fan, keep that in mind. You could lightup the case with a UV sensative paint so the machine has an eery glow. And for Clarus, you could do something with the plastics on the front which are more transperant.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 03:41 AM

I got my 2 iMacs today. Turns out they are Blueberry, not bondi, though the coloring is similar (blueberry being part of the tray loading colored series). Yum. It doesnt like OS X, even after the firmware update, installing is a pain, I am on my fourth try. if anybody else has this problem with these models of imac, let me know please. thanks.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 04:14 AM

Atleast you got the firmware update done. Some people forget and after a few months, they have a toasty iMac.

Now with the install, if it's bailing, try this. When you boot from CD, go to the disc utility, and run the disc repair on the HDD. After running repairs, install again with a slim install. What I mean by that is go through the custom install and remove all the language junk. X11 and those tools can come later. Have you tried this already?
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 04:20 AM

Accually, yes I have. I just thought of an idea that I've just started which is as follows. First instal jaguar, not panther. The I'm going to try and use my panther upgrade cds and hhope that works out. Then use software update to fix it past that.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 04:23 AM

woops. nevermind that. it wont even boot a jaguar cd.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 04:47 AM

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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 05:00 AM

I'll give it a shot. OK its zapped, now lets try that install again.proceding to cross fingers...OK its starting install...Gulp...... Damn.... "There were errors installing the software, Please try installing again." Thanks for the advice though man, double the karma.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 05:06 AM

Anytime man. Now do you have the luxery to reformat that drive and try again?

If you could prove you had a legit copy of X, I'm pretty sure some kind soul would upload some ISO's for you to try. I'd hope. You may have bad media.

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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 05:35 AM

I have 110% legit upgrade cd's, and my full intstall cd's were burned from my dads legit cds, just so i could use it without bugging him... but i think the problem was my cd rom drive was bad, so seeing as i have 2 extras of them, i m gonna try that. It would stop reading about 2 mintes before it gave me the error.

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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 06:03 AM

Well if it starts to boot from the CD-ROM, that should be okay. I'd sugg. reburning the CD's and maybe cotton-swabbing the laser w/ some isopropyl alcohol. Then try swapping out CD-ROMS. If the CD-ROM drive was bad, it would have been giving you more problems earlier in the install process (like the boot), rather than about the same time.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 06:56 AM

you really need 500 mhz to run X. Processor could be the reason you are having problems. Maybe you can try and copy over a whole hard drive full of data and boot it and see if that will work..? :blink:
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 06:58 AM

its not the cpu. I had os x running on a 233mhtz bondi iMac for a good 2 years, i have it running on my 300mhtz pb g3, and i had it running on my frankenstein powermac g3 400mhtz. I'll see if my dad will take the drive to work and image it sometime this week and hope that works.

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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 08:26 AM

My final attempt. I relized my cd had mucho fingerprintos on it. I cleaned it. I am an id10t. 78% along the base install, so far so good, I'll keep my fingers crossed. base install part 2, is installing, that hasnt happended before... i don't wanna jinx my progress though. Failed. Stuck at 44% on base install part 2. just stopped, and i have no idea why, i let it go for about 20 min and nothing happend
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 10:52 AM

I'm glad it was just dirty CD's, and that it was not the CD burn itself. Enjoy X, and don't forget to upgrade that RAM! PC100 is the RAM it requires, and you can get that about anywhere, though the price has gone up due to availability, so it maybe the internet for you.

For those wondering:
OS X 10.3 is not compatible with Pre-G3 Macintoshes, the Original PowerBook, and Beige model G3's (AIO, Tower, Desktop). Processor speed is not a factor, just the board that the machine has. Using ex post facto will allow you to install 10.3 on earlier machines, but you will take a performance fall. So if anyone has any of these machines, it's ex post facto for you!
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 10:12 PM

I'm glad it was just dirty CD's, and that it was not the CD burn itself. Enjoy X, and don't forget to upgrade that RAM!

Whitlock, if you read his post, he says that he didn't get it installed. Try reading the whole post before making one. wink

Anyway, I would try imaging the drive and see how that does you. Good Luck.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/04/04 11:15 PM

It was a missread
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/05/04 06:24 AM

Alright. I got my hands ona 30 gig drive that I'm going to image with carboncopycloner/net restore on the g3 tower at my dads work. I also got the ram up to 256 megs with the 128 chip I got today. Hopefully this will become one smokin' machine. Its the fastest I've ever seeen os 9 run on a machine, so hopefull X is fast too. And not only was it my media, I realized this drive hates burned cd's, because it won't play any of the music i umm...bought on itunes and burned.... But my 100% legit B-52's and AC/DC cd's work..... Thanks for the help guys. Karma to you too jacob.

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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/05/04 08:52 PM

I just caught up with this discussion and I have had the same experience. The iMacs from the contest needed to be reimaged and I had a very difficult time with the burned OS 9 cds that I had. The original cd worked just fine, but the burned ones would not. A little searching on the web unconvered somethine interesting. It seems that the faster you burn a cd, the more likely there are small flaws in the way it was burned. So if you are burning something like an installer cd for an OS, make sure you burn it at 4x. At 4x there is 0% chance you will get anything but an exact replica. I think it has to do with buffer underuns, but I really dont know. I have a very good 48x that has never had any probs EVER, until burning OS9 cds nd Linux cds. So just try it and see what happens. BTW, I picked that tip up in a linux forum where people were having problems getting the ISOs to burn. It worked for me!

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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/08/04 08:49 AM

I'm reposting due to the MySQL error (I hate mysql) lol.
I got OS X.3 running on this boxx pretty well in the end. I had 2 Problems when trying to install before. The first was my media, unless the cds are originals (not burned) my drive had trouble, or didnt read the discs at all. My second Problem is that the iMacs firmware does not support booting a system from any drive larger than 8 gigs. So now all is well and this machine is pretty damn zippy for a 5 year ld system running panther.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/09/04 04:07 AM

Good Job! I remember when I had to do installs that my boss was convinced that all Mac's were required to have a 8gb boot partition. It was pretty funny when I saw his face when I did a setup on a B&W G3 Tower. I slapped a 40gb in there and installed just fine. Apperantly he had been doing the 8gb partition deal for over 6 months. I walked in as the PC guy, of course not knowing better, and just ran an install. Funny stuff.

Well, I'm glad that you now have a capable machine. Have you decided on what kind of mod's you are going to do to it?

Why I edited: Listed the wrong machine. I was thinking of a different machine while I was typing, but everything else was the same. :ohmy:

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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/09/04 04:15 AM

as of now iPlan on putting a 4 inch cold cathode kit in ( not sure where iCan squeeze it) but i'll find/make space. iAlready hacked the hell out of a lacie usb cd burner casing to make it take any drive, not just the stock one (apple only supports lite-on drives when it comes to 3rd party burners) so iPut my 52x32x52x lite on drive in it and voila!

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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/09/04 09:46 AM

In regard to the quality of those OS CD's, it very much depends on the dye and substrate used in the CD-R.

Your numbers are wrong.

No CD-R sold in the last 3 years has a dye optimized for less than 12x burns. That means that trying to burn a modern CD-R at 4x will result in [b]more[b] errors and bad burns, not less.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/09/04 10:32 AM

Accually thats incorrect... 3 years ago we were useing 10x burners at most. (affordably at least) cd-r's are designed to burn at any given speed up to what i beileve is 52x at this point in time.the slower the speed, the less chance you have with buffer underruns and faulty burns.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/09/04 08:48 PM

Just out of curiosity, krusher, what setup were you using for burning? What brand CD-Burner? What kind of interface? What speed computer? Were you doing something else on it at the same time? What burnign software?

I should think that buffer under-runs should be the easiest errors to pick up. The burning software runs out of data to send the drive, and it knows this, and it should tell you. In Toast, in my experience, if you buffer-under-run you are told promptly.

New drives have 2MB buffers on the drive and "BURNProof", which I believe is some sort of two way protocol for telling the drive to remember where it just wrote, and hold on a moment, because the computer needs to catch up to send more data.

However, I DO know that there can be problems with burning too fast on junky media and a few errors popping up. I don't think that they're errors due to buffer-under-run though, I think that they are simply due to the laser misfiring or the die not able to react fast enough all of the time.

Using my BenQ 52x24x52, I've never had a buffer-under-run (firewire interface). It's BURNProof and was $20 on newegg :P
I have never had these boot issues, but once. At 48x using 48x TDK media, I couldn't get a Debian/Sarge ISO to boot my PBG3 Lombard (but it would any other mac I tried). Switching to a generic brand solved it :P (I'm guessing that the media may have been growing old)

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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/09/04 08:53 PM

4x was the goal or standard for simple cyanine-based media until 2001 when Imation led the industry to adopt azo-cyanine which is presently optimized for 12x. So-called archival discs may use phthalocyanine, which they will tell you not to burn at less than 8x. Verbatim pushed super azo in 2002, which is optimized for no less than 24x and now the Japanese plants that make most of the discs do runs with different dyes for different manufacturers/tolerances, but to my knowledge, nobody makes a simple cyanine-dye CD-R anymore so burning at 4x is ill-advised.

Of course, your drive may be old and the laser quite weak, in which case you won't be able to burn anything but coasters at high speed. That's not an issue with the media.

You may still find some sites refer to 4x as an optimum burn speed, but they are ancient.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/09/04 10:55 PM

I've burned off enough copies of OS X (legal - had to. boss kept on scratching them up) to know that sometimes you just have weird burns. The install is touchy. You can use the same ISO and use the exact same CD on the exact same burner, and one will fail. It's really messed up, and I have no explination. Guess a MD5 checksum should be run before trying to install, but I bet that it would say that a bad disk was okay as well.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/25/04 11:13 PM

Does anyone know if I can put the components of an emac into another box? I have an emac with a broken display and want to know if I can put its insides in a working imac shell.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 10/26/04 12:02 AM

yes, you can. There will be a little bit of work involved, but it can definitely be done. There are a number of mod guides on this site that can help you with the mod. Take a look in the mod guides section from the main menu.

Also, may I suggest working with something more original. ie. building your own casing and putting the components inside of it. Or, if you really like the emac case, you could just replace the screen in it. But, I would bulld my own case and get an external LCD for your system. I am assuming that the motherboard will support another graphics card. I am not sure about this. Or maybe there is a port somewhere else for the display that the emac is currently using. I can't tell you what this port is though, probably proprietary.

Please let us know your thoughts... O, and, can you please post a new thread for yourself. It will help yu get better replies. I will delete this one when you do so and transfer over my post.

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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 12/13/04 11:13 PM

You could try YellowDog Linux and add one of the OSX themes to the GUI

I've been looking for some info regarding putting one of these things in an ATX 1U rackmount case. Anyone have any pointers.
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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 12/14/04 02:54 AM

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Re:333mhtz bondi imac mods? - 12/14/04 02:54 AM

I accually came acrossed an iMac rackmount project at one point. You can find it at [*]http://imac.pointinspace.com/