Hard Drive Activity Light

Posted by: whitlock

Hard Drive Activity Light - 09/22/04 12:14 AM

For those of you who have G4's, and want a drive activity light like the one on Bruiser, then here is a link for you.


I am going to be working with this one and making a B&W G3 change for all you P&W people. There are already LED's on the board on the B&W, so it's a matter of getting enough power to the LED if I use the board connection, or using a sepperate connection on the board to accomplish this. I tried, art for arts sake, just touching an LED to the board connections while it was running and determined I will need a lower demand LED. Mine, w/ a 100ohm resistor, could go strait into a 5volt connection just fine, so that's how I know I'll need a different LED to do these tests. Will keep updated.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Hard Drive Activity Light - 09/22/04 03:10 AM

good link whitlock. Do you know how to get in touch with this guy so that we can get the mod posted on macmod?
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Hard Drive Activity Light - 09/22/04 03:17 AM

I actually was doing Google searches trying to see what other people had up for mods on non-mainstream Mac sites, and found this one doing a Google image search. The main domain, if you check, essentially 404's. So that means no ones home to update if it does that. I guess if you did a lookup on Network Solutions, you would get this contact info:


That would be a start to see about it, but I can do a writeup if he doesn't want to.