Black G4 iMac

Posted by: whitlock

Black G4 iMac - 09/19/04 10:00 PM

This is an old iMac paint job mod, but this is for those of you who like a black matte finish. This web site is in Japanese, but the eye candy is pretty good. If you could translate, that would be nice. Found this on a very old Wired news article.

Black iMac Link:

Here is the take-apart guide (in photos):

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Re:Black G4 iMac - 09/20/04 12:05 AM

thanks Whitlock, you should take a look in the mod guides though, we already have this one.

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Re:Black G4 iMac - 09/20/04 02:14 AM

*Slaps head

Just trying to get something up. After a while, things start to blur together when you are at work.