B&W Paint Job

Posted by: whitlock

B&W Paint Job - 08/16/04 05:34 AM

Well, I have a dissasembled B&W G3 and the plastic is tinted, not clear. I have looked at other mods and they paint over the plastic, and it looks okay. Now there is Krylon, Automotive Paint, and others available.

My question here is which paint to use, or should I just forget the plastics and work from a base, stripped away, case.

The metal case looks actually pretty cool w/o plastic.
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Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/16/04 07:47 AM

I have the same problem with my B&W. I dont want to paint over the plastic. If the case could be polished clear you could paint the inside of the plastics without that froted look. That would be a lot of polishing and the handles would be a real pain.

You could do some cutting in the metal. Put some designs in there and cover the case in plexi with some lights inside.

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Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/16/04 08:21 PM

are you planning to color the front as well? Or should the side colors match the blue front. Personally I'm not a fan of that particular color of blue on that machine.
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Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/17/04 03:45 AM

no, that bondi-ish blue is not my thing either
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Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/17/04 10:23 AM

Hey, here's what I've come to with the B&W's.

Apple'e color scheme was garish. We all know that. And the semi transparent plastic isnt so hot either. Especially in the blue color. What I did was strip the whole unit apart. I sanded all the components with 220 grit sandpaper in order to take down the shine. Then, from my local art store (Plaza!) I picked up paint. I purchased the Createx Auto Air Base Coat White, Pearl blue, and Metallic White (fine) they come in four oz bottles, and are about $5 a pop.

Now, figure that this stuff is liquid paint, so you need an airbrush or a sprayer (gravity fed work best) to shoot this stuff. Home depot can hook you up with the goods. Anyway, I sprayed on the base white onto everything. All the plastics, the metal chassis, the hoops, and the apple logos, once pried off the shells. Then, I pulled out a heat gun and heat cured all the base coat. Once the base coat was done (three super light coats build up nicely with no orange peel) I sprayed the respective parts blue, and white. About four light coats were sprayed, with heat curing in between. (I forgot to mention, the paint is water based, so it heat cures in minutes)

Once I had all the parts painted, I gave them two tack coats and one wet coat of Valspar Crystal Clear Super Enamel clearcoat. Once put back together, all the bases are metallic white, with blue overtones. I plan to spray flames onto the top and sides of the unit in the matching blue color, and pinstripe in silver as soon as I have time to finish up the whole thing. Personally, I think mine's better than Apple's. My apologies for the photos, they're not the best.

all photos are available here:

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Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/17/04 01:12 PM

I like it! It has a smooth very plastic look to it. Probably not a mainstream look, but it has a personal unique style. Can't wait to see the flames and pinstripes
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Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/17/04 07:41 PM

well, yeah, platics would work. I'm using automotive paint with a heavy pigment content so it'll have that nice deep lustre. Unfortunately, the linked photos really dont do it justice. They kind of flatten it out. Everyone who's come into the house/shop and seen it has been nuts over it.

Necessary stencils are arriving from autobodydepot.com today. So, assuming the masses dont bring their mac's into the shop for repair (work as an apple tech) I should have flames done by the weekend, and be able to update at that point. laugh


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Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/18/04 03:00 AM

You have answered my question in folds. Thanks modyourmac! I'm going to see about getting some auto paint then. 220 is a good grit, but I love the feel of 320. I took some 320 to the Apple, and got rid of the scars. Then went up to 1500 and made it smooth as silk. Some tack cloth will finish the luster, though I'm just going to paint it, so whats the point in that?

I'm going to work out the templates for everything and get it all measured out also so people can create their own panels , if I have the time to before assembling the Mac again.
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Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/18/04 03:08 AM

Rock on, glad to help! If you pick up the Auto Air paint, you'll get good results. check it at http://www.autoaircolors.com. If you have any questions about it or working with it, lemme know.

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Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/18/04 04:06 AM

Now for the 64 thousand dollar question:

Did you paint, or keep, the I/O cover?
Posted by: modyourmac

Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/18/04 04:16 AM

Actually, I have the I/O panel. I'm painting it in the blue and white, and it'll have custom lettering for all the ports. I just removed it so I could paint the chassis. If I dont have the O/O panel, that kind of negates a complete and perfect job. Course, also realize that I have an apple pro keyboard with blue plastics and white keys, with custom lettering on the keys as well. Once I scare up another Apple Pro mouse, it'll be white with blue trim as well. But, I'm a perfectionist about this stuff.
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Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/18/04 09:48 AM

Don't mess with the pro mouse. i've tried before, with dead ones. they are a lot more trouble than they are worth. My suggestion is getting a generic USB mouse and painting that, or getting a clone and changing that. The Pro Mouse is pressure sealed, then closed tight. You can get about 50% of it off before realizing that the mouse will just be a dead project.

I'm glad you did the I/O cover. Another question: On the rubber side panel tab cover, did you paint that as well? Did you paint it on, or sepperatly? Other than that, you've been a great help so far.
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Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/18/04 12:44 PM

Actually, I've painted the pro mice before. I dont actually take them apart. I mask the bottom, and paint the outside after sanding it down. It comes out opaque, but it never looks bad.

Okay, those rubber tab grommets. I hate them. the bondi's look like garbage and the only ones that look half decent are the clear ones off the mirror door and quicksilver G4's. With this particular machine, I removed it entirely and am replacing it with another one that's not bondi blue. I've yet to have decent luck getting paint to stick to them so I either remove them entirely or use anything but bondi.

Oh, in other news, I came home, and my stencils from autobodydepot.com had arrived. Picked up the ol' school flames and the tiki one. I then got a lot of masking done (x-acto hand hates me) and sprayed several coats of blue. the pictures of the machine wth flames are linked below. I still need to clearcoat the daylights out of it, and pinstripe it in silver, but it looks sweet!

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Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/18/04 08:27 PM

The stenciling looks good! I'm going to see about maybe laying some plastic mesh and working with a carbon fiber look if all possible. I am going to try it out on another piece of plastic. If it does not work out, I'll just paint it normally. I'm going to mold some clear rubber-ish handle pieces with possibly something as simple as silicone caulk. That way it's dirt cheap and I can tint it. I can always just go eBay and get some of the G4 tabs if that does not work out either.
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Re:B&W Paint Job - 08/18/04 08:41 PM

One thing I've come to find is that local hobby shops have a lot of stuff that does wonders for this kind of thing. Not the chain stores mind you, the small specialty places. I've found laser printable water decals there, sheets of carbon fiber stickers, all kinds of awesome stuff, thats usually not that expensive. Look there for carbon fiber stuffs, and you wont be dissappointed.

Glad you liked the flames. Personally, I think the case is one of my better ones smile