Powermac 9500 Coomplete Makeover

Posted by: ubergeek89

Powermac 9500 Coomplete Makeover - 07/24/04 09:41 AM

Ok this is my powermac 9500 that I have trashed due to me getting a Yosemite. It was good, for about 5 minutes after I got it, then I had to mod it. This is what I came up With. For starters I upgraded to abotu 700mb of ram, added a g3 266 upgrade card, and a usb card. I ran OS X on it for a while using X Post Facto, but then I relised how slow it is, thats why I trashed it, not to mention it was 7.5 years old at the time too.
And yes, I did take out the usful stuff like the cold cathode and led fan before i got trid of it.

Posted by: krusher117

Re:Powermac 9500 Coomplete Makeover - 07/24/04 10:22 AM

Did you cut a hole in the side and use a lexan sheet to make a clear window or just leave it open? I have an 8500 that I'm gonna be screwing around with and it looks like you painted yours black. Got any more pics of the machine before you trashed it?

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Posted by: ubergeek89

Re:Powermac 9500 Coomplete Makeover - 07/24/04 10:38 AM

I could probably dig around and find some more pics, there floating around on the net and my comp, and yes I used a lexan sheet, held in with one of my best friends, hot glue.

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Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Powermac 9500 Coomplete Makeover - 07/24/04 05:52 PM

Hey ubergeek, it would be really cool if you dug up those pics and wrote up a mod guide for the site. laugh Anyway, looks like a cool mod, regardless if the computer is useful enough to do much.
Posted by: maestro

Re:Powermac 9500 Coomplete Makeover - 01/12/05 09:46 PM

I like the look of the 9500's, you could have kept it and made it into a server or something. Also, it could be made into a mac pc. Oh well...I would like to see more of the mod too.
Posted by: metts

Re:Powermac 9500 Coomplete Makeover - 01/27/05 03:34 AM

Sweet looking machine. I too have a 9500 at home with 256MB RAM but no processor upgrade as of yet. Mine is running Debian Linux just fine, albeit a little slow in X. I was able to install a PC PCI 133 ATA card into it and have Debian recognize it immediatly whereas Mac OS will not. It has a 40GB IDE harddrive in it as well. I am looking to mod the case some in the future as well.

I modded the case of an 8500 slightly (meaning, it has been painted - Blue front/back, black sides/top).

Nice job, wish you still had it around.