QuadraPC closed

Posted by: Virtualthai

QuadraPC closed - 07/05/04 05:27 PM

Another closed pics of my creature!

Post your comments!!!!

Posted by: whitlock

Re:QuadraPC closed - 07/05/04 06:02 PM

standard lcd, wintel keyboard, hmmm...please explain what kind of beast you have there. i am unfamiliar with the specs. is it a P4 quadra?
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:QuadraPC closed - 07/06/04 02:10 AM

lol, whitlock, I too don't know what a p4 quadra is. Quite a bit of clutter there as well. Not very mac like, look or feel. I take it this is the same system that is running the fake OS X?