B&W G3 Mod?

Posted by: whitlock

B&W G3 Mod? - 06/07/04 08:19 PM

Has anyone done any mods to a G3 B&W? I have one and the case is scratched to all heck, and would like to redo it. Maybe with a black laquor look. Just an idea, but has anyone ever done any kind of mod to this kind of G3?
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Re:B&W G3 Mod? - 06/07/04 08:26 PM

Are the panels painted underneath like the G4 towers? If so, that means you can remove the paint and make it clear and paint it any color you want. However, even if you just wanted to paint the outside then follow this guide http://www.macmod.com/content/view/29/2/
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Re:B&W G3 Mod? - 06/07/04 08:46 PM

is that where you use the nail polish remover for it? i was thinking about it. that would be gret if it was paper, but apple is not that cheap :unsure:
Posted by: mark

Re:B&W G3 Mod? - 06/09/04 02:33 PM

There's one out there called Bruiser, don't know if/where it is but Applefritter used to host it, so you can try the wayback machiene. IIRC there is some sort of instert in the case, but for the most part its frosted. Not entirely sure but it is paintable. Don't know how well clear would do since theres the metal chasis.
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Re:B&W G3 Mod? - 06/27/04 04:55 PM


that's where bruiser resides. now this stinks. i am thinking if i start off around 500 grade sandpaper and work up I can get the scratches out, but there has to be an easier method. i like the led mod, i might do that. i'm going to radioshack to get the jumpers for the cpu mod.
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Re:B&W G3 Mod? - 06/28/04 01:48 AM

if the paint is the same as the ibooks, try using 99% isopropyl, which is extra strength alcohol. I have heard of people using paint remover, or just regular alcohol. I have used the 99% isopropyl though and it works like a charm, on the ibooks. You might have a little trouble finding it though. I had to go to a hospital supply store, as 99% is harder to find than 70%.
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Re:B&W G3 Mod? - 06/28/04 01:07 PM

my friend has some overproof jamaican rum wink

i ended up doing the OC jumper mod, which my machine runs smoothly @ 350mhz, and buffed out the apple. i took apart the case to check the plastics and buffed up the apple w/ the sandpaper. the gouges in the apple logo were deep, and that took it out.

i started off with a 320 grade wet/dry sandpaper, then used 1500 grade wet/dry sandpaper. smooth to the touch, translucent, but desperatly needs a buffing. all i need is a shoe buffer, which is just finding someone that has one.

started working on removing part of the plastic around the tab which is centered in the middle of the plastics that fit on the door. i am going to do a led mod, but it's not meant for this week.

as for the actual 'g3' logo which appears through the plastic, it's just basically a thick tape, so I'm thinking about adding '1/2' beside it if i change the colour scheme.
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Re:B&W G3 Mod? - 06/29/04 04:17 AM

i am going to get some pictures put together on the processor mod atleast. I found a way you can just save $2.00 on jumpers and use a pen knife (swiss army knife will do) to pop the jumpers out and push them back in depending on how you want it.

It's up to 400mhz, from 300mhz. 100mhz gain, a lot of performance!
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:B&W G3 Mod? - 06/29/04 10:59 AM

Cool, be sure to get up those pics and a mod guide. We would love to add it to the database.

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Re:B&W G3 Mod? - 01/22/05 12:16 AM

As you have found out there is not much you can do with this case, except paint the outside. As I took mine apart I found that the front panels are backed by plastic. I pulled it out and now I can see into the case. Now I am going to cut out the front of the case (metal) so light can shine through. I am glad you tried cleaning up the scratches, I have the same problem with mine.