jeweled ibook

Posted by: scottk

jeweled ibook - 06/06/04 01:35 AM

Oh my gosh .. has anyone seen this month's MacAddict yet? They talk about expensive computer systems and there's one ibook that you send away and some company "bejewels" it so it gliters. I think it was $2,000 but that was just for the studding alone.

I can't imagine anyone in the world wanting something like that, but I suppose that there is a such thing as too much money! :-D
Posted by: krusher117

Re:jeweled ibook - 06/06/04 02:50 AM

I haven't seen the new MacAddict yet, but I saw a company offering diamond studded palm pilots.
Posted by: scottk

Re:jeweled ibook - 06/06/04 04:16 AM

Not even Liberace would need a diamond-studded palm pilot smile