Powerbook g4 Wardriving

Posted by: blackdragon

Powerbook g4 Wardriving - 02/01/06 05:33 PM

Hello, i have been wardriving with my powerbook for a while now.(using kismac) but the one thing i am hunting for is a external antenna. i know the powerbook has a pcmcia card slot. im wondering what cards work with mac and have a external antenna connector on them. anyhelp on a list or what cards meet the critieria (pcmcia. 54g. external antenna capable.) would be greatly appreatiated.
Posted by: anil8tor

Wardriving? - 02/03/06 04:00 AM

sounds like fun, but isn't that a little...ah...well, wrong?
Well anyway, would you be willing to crack open the case and fish out the built in antenna? You could rout it to a connector that you could attach an external antenna to and un-plug it when not "War Driving" or "War skating" or "War Cycling"
Posted by: blackdragon

no need to modify - 02/03/06 01:22 PM

I would be willing. IF there wasent a pcmcia slot on the powerbook BEGING to be used. I know their are cards that work with it but i just dont know which ones. And wardriving rong. If the network is open and i find it its legal. if the network is locked down i just go to the next one. I dont think its rong to use something that is open to use by the owner (not my fault they dont know it is). But i dirgress if i could get a list of pcmcia wifi cards that work with os 10.4 and is B/G with external antena port.
Posted by: anil8tor

War walking - 02/03/06 05:30 PM

You might look here: http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/archives/may05/050405.html

They discuss non-apple pcmcia wireless cards
Edit: Its the fourth one down the page.

Then maybe here:http://www.quickertek.com/allProducts.php

Good Luck man!
Posted by: maestro

Powerbook g4 Wardriving - 02/05/06 05:44 PM

Ah, wardriving. You would be surprised how many laws you break when you do something like that. Im not here to judge, just to inform. Be careful.
Posted by: krusher117

Powerbook g4 Wardriving - 02/26/06 10:39 PM

there are some whip antennas available that you can attach to your car. Compusa (i hate em) has an excellent selection to choose from. For Wardriving, you'll want a good omni-directional antenna. Sometimes, as in the case of the airport 802.11b cards, you won't have the right adapter to fit the antenna to the card. There are numerous sources online that can sell you the right pig-tail adapter. I had to do that with an airport base station. Adapter costs about $7 if you need it.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Powerbook g4 Wardriving - 02/27/06 10:04 AM

If you're the kind of person that doesn't listen to AM/FM you can buy a connecter and wire up the car antenna to the system. Theres a 50 50 chance that war driving is legal and illegal. If you plan to just use some one's wireless connection to surf the net "legal stuff" it's alright. But if you access other computers on that lan or do some illegal downloading then it's illegal.