Laptop cooling

Posted by: richardparker

Laptop cooling - 01/12/06 03:02 AM

This is my first post here, so I guess I should say hi to everyone. so... hey!

Ok I was having problems with high cpu temps on my 14" g4 laptop. Well actually I wasn't until I decided to overclock it 30%. Now most things worked fine at that %, internet, itunes, the basic fundamental aspects didn't seem to up the temp to anything unhealthy. But after I played some games for about 30 minutes I could cook an egg on the casing. Not good... And as I'm lazy and cheap (forget legitimate modding) I've been using some makeshift cooling solutions with surprisingly effective results. Basically I unlatched the standard keyboard and put an icepack over some tinfoil onto it. My laptops temp dropped 8-10 C and now when I play 3d games, it does increase, but it's still within an acceptable range. Would love some feedback
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Re:Laptop cooling - 01/12/06 03:15 AM

Beware condensation... sick
Posted by: richardparker

Re:Laptop cooling - 01/12/06 03:21 AM

You would think so, but it's been sitting there the better half of a day and no moisture on my laptop... yet that is:ohmy:
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Re:Laptop cooling - 01/12/06 03:22 AM

Better than my C-Clamp over the heatsink on an iBook cooling trick. I'm not joking either.
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Re:Laptop cooling - 01/12/06 03:26 AM

Thats just plain scary.
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Re:Laptop cooling - 01/12/06 03:35 AM

I've actually done that before. If you're careful with condensation, it works great for a short while.
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Re:Laptop cooling - 01/12/06 07:32 AM

hmm i dont suppose youve put it in the fridge yet ontop of the cheese ill show you a pic of it later when i get around to taking it, but for me its acceptible because mines a dell....
Posted by: griffer

Re:Laptop cooling - 01/12/06 12:19 PM

That sure does sound rather risky...
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:Laptop cooling - 01/12/06 07:35 PM

This kinda reminds me of a mod I tryed 2 years ago. I bought a small fridge from a yardsell for 30 bucks. I took it home and basicly rebuilt it. I cramed my PC in and it cooled it down very well. Untill I woke up from my smoke alarm going off and no power. What happen was the compressor died and made the frezzer part where I had the CPU located thaw and water got onto the mobo and the power supply and caused a short bad enough to start a fire on the wall socket. After that mod and spending 3,000 bucks in repairs to the house I told myself never do anything that like again that is not made for cooling down electronics.
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Re:Laptop cooling - 01/12/06 07:53 PM

Lol, that sucks. An expensive lesson...
Posted by: richardparker

Re:Laptop cooling - 01/12/06 09:00 PM

I guess we'll see soon enough. As it is I just use it while playing games to prevent overheating. And it hasn't yet caused any moisture on the computer. The only way I get halfway decent performance is through OC which overheats the com. Trying to stretch this computer for as long as possible before I need to upgrade. Thanks for the warnings though, if it does break my computer I can safely say that I knew better.
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Re:Laptop cooling - 01/12/06 09:05 PM

Great story TCP