Got a new laptop

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Got a new laptop - 07/21/09 02:56 AM

The G/F bought a new laptop, she is giving me her old one that I bought for her a year and a half ago. Kinda turned it into a joke with her "the lease is up" lol.

Anyway, It's a perfect candidate to run OSx86. It uses a AMD X2 CPU but from my findings most of the hardware is compatible.
The 10/100 Ethernet doesn't work but the wireless ethernet does, no touch pad support but I prefer to use a real mouse anyway.

The laptop is a HP Pavilion dv6000.
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Re: Got a new laptop - 07/21/09 11:56 AM

where did you download the os files?
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Re: Got a new laptop - 07/22/09 11:42 AM

I build my own OSx86 distros. Bought a copy of Leopard and used a special bootloader CD images called boot123 to be able to boot the retail copy of Leopard then install and install Chameleon and the Voodoo XNU kernel.

When it's time to install it onto my laptop I'll have to build the distro on my current hackintosh and just do trial and error until I get a fully stable system. In other words take out the drive and toss it into a external enclosure then boot via USB, get it working then slap it back into the laptop.
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Re: Got a new laptop - 07/24/09 11:43 AM

Well I tried everything I know and this laptop will not except OSx86. I keep getting Kernel Panics. HP is too secretive of listing the detailed hardware specs for this system. All I know it has a AMD X2 CPU, GeForce Go 6150, nForce GO 430 MCP51 SATA. The rest is just guessing from what I can find like Broadcom wireless that BTW there are like hundreds of different models to choose from. I might install windows and create my own detailed specs sheet by looking up device IDs.

Also HP has to be weird and add a failsafe trying to force people to only use Windows XP or Vista. If the system doesn't see a Windows tag in the MBR it freaks out a bit and you cant install a different filesystem because it locks the drive so to install OSx86 I have to put the drive in my desktop then install everything.
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Re: Got a new laptop - 07/29/09 11:20 AM

Ok, I found a slew of 3rd party drivers that will let me use OSx86. Funny thing is though for the system to boot I have to plug in a USB keyboard and mouse or a kernel panics accrues. Also for some odd reason the boottime is 2 minutes long.
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Re: Got a new laptop - 07/31/09 01:49 AM

Finally got OSx86 to run. Don't have the memory card reader support but everything else works. I bought a cheap wireless keyboard and mouse combo from walmart and hardwired to inside of the laptop so it sees a USB keyboard and mouse controller and the system doesn't get a kernel panic. While I had the laptop opened I fixed the power button issue and now the speakers work.
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Re: Got a new laptop - 07/31/09 06:25 PM

Does sleep work by any chance? (I know, unlikely even at the best of times)
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Re: Got a new laptop - 08/02/09 02:12 PM

Sleep works but Finder crashes or I get a panic asking me to reboot.