Powerbook titanium

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Powerbook titanium - 07/08/07 04:11 AM

Someone had a PowerBook titanium with  a broken screen and wanted to make it into something stupid like a table. But he gave me to mobo and CD drive, so modding here I come! I am leaving tomorrow for 6 weeks, but when I come back you can bet this thing will be modded into something cool.
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Re: Powerbook titanium - 07/08/07 05:55 AM

I am on it now, using my iBook G4's keyboard and an external screen Booted from my firewire bootable backup of my iBook. I think I am going to use this to replace my server which is a 300 MHz clamshell. right now the powerbook only has 256MB ram, but I will throw 256 more in, and with a 550MHz G4 it will be awesome compared to the clamshell.
here is a picture
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Re: Powerbook titanium - 07/08/07 02:21 PM

Is there a firmware hack that makes the VGA screen the primary screen, not the laptop screen? I know I can do it once I am booted, but I would like to have it like that always for open firmware and such. It would also be hard to install an OS w/o being able to see what I am doing... I can get Linux going blind, but its a lot easier to be able to see.
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Re: Powerbook titanium - 07/08/07 07:19 PM

If you leave mirroring enabled, it should remember it. If it doesn't, you need a new PRAM battery.
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Re: Powerbook titanium - 07/08/07 10:43 PM

Cool.  Keep us posted.
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Re: Powerbook titanium - 07/09/07 12:41 PM

I'll start on it when I get back in october, I am sailing to Canada with my family now :-) I'm sitting in a library on a win98 computer right now... :-(