iBook appletv mod

Posted by: eNaq

iBook appletv mod - 04/28/07 09:47 AM

hi guys! im new here. i have been a regular viewer of some of the topics and i have seen some real impressive work. finally, i am registered.

i am wondering on software modding on a g3 ibook, since this does not involve hardware and is rather misc.

is it possible to run the appletv software on this ppc g3 ibook? as the apple tv has a intel processor, can i change the binary somehow? also, where can i find and download the appletv software?


Posted by: ipodphoto

Re: iBook appletv mod - 04/28/07 12:58 PM

Wel i don't know if you could run the software on your ibook. However, you can run FrontRow on you ibook, which is basically the exact same lol
Check this site http://andrewescobar.com/frontrow/ 
it has a very easy guide on how to make FrontRow run on ppc machines other than the iMac G5 (as it was the first and only ppc to come with FrontRow and remote).

Hope that helps.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: iBook appletv mod - 04/28/07 04:03 PM

Unless you can extract a copy from Leopard whic has Front Row built in for PPC and Intel Macs, regardless of hardware. Plug in an IR receiver and it comes straight up.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: iBook appletv mod - 05/01/07 06:14 PM

I should add that the only way to change software from a PPC binary to an Intel one is to recompile it. So unless you have the complete source code, you aren't going to get the ATV software running on any iBook.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: iBook appletv mod - 05/15/07 11:39 PM

Has anyone tried the DD dump of AppleTV  on a PPC CPU? It might have both coding (Universal).