New Mod project: PowerTV

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New Mod project: PowerTV - 03/04/07 04:02 AM

Im still working on my tablet mod, but I've some free time to contemplate while i wait on some parts (and burn through midterms). Due to a disheartening series of events, my original logic board went partially bad. it works great except the fuse that powers the inverter board has blown out (...most likely - it could also be the LCD backlight thats blown out, but i've been told that that is less likely). we'll find out soon, as i've another logic board on the way.

So what to do with the old logic board? i figured itd be hard to sell, and would only sell for little if i did manage to find a buyer. Assuming that an external monitor would still work, i confined the scope of the project to something with a self powered external display. I decided that id also like to continue explore realm of touch screen fun. and what was one more thing that id like to have? A DVR.

Solution: An all in one 19" touch screen, DVR equipped Mac.

After i decided on that, I luckily found an eyeTV on the cheap on craigslist, right in my own college town. That was just perfect timing. Im in the process of getting the miscellaneous powerbook parts I'll need, in addition to an LCD for testing, and a large (300gb+) hard drive.

Keytec, the company that makes the touch window I'm using for my tablet, sells 19" windows for $220. A 19" monitor costs between $150-$200 (maybe a little less if you get lucky on craigslist or ebay. Keytec also integrates their tech into NEC LCD's and sells them for around $325. Yea, thats still out of my budget for now, but it actually is cheaper than buying the 2 separately, and would spare me the hassle of assembling the two together (one of the harder parts of the tablet mod). So for the time being, I'm going to pick up a cheapo 15" dell monitor for planning and preparing.

Probably some type of plexiglass build. I'd like to try to mimic the glass overlays on higher end Sony TV's. I'd be experimenting with this more than anything, as it really will define the project (an all in one DVR isnt an original idea, i know. thats why id like to spend time making it look really good).

Where to use it?
Small rooms (a dorm room), a kitchen, meeting room, etc. Really, any small room where desk space is precious and where you'll often be on your feet.
Like with my tablet mod, I want to focus the mod on what I'd have fun experimenting with, and less on what is, well, practical.

Despite this fact though, I'd like to hear what you'd expect from such a mod. I'm sure they'll be plenty of you who think this is a useless waste of time and money, and you're most probably right .

Also, if you're already working on a similar mod, or know of similar mods, I'd love to see and discuss them.

Once again, I'll try to publish updates on my site, .
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Re: New Mod project: PowerTV - 03/04/07 05:50 AM

I like the idea of the touch screen. Just so you know when you plug up your touch screen for the first time and doesn't work just install TouchKit and reboot the system.

I had my B&W as a media center until I found a PC that had more power and gave my B&W to my finance since she has grown tired of windows and hates Linux.

My setup was weird since I couldn't find a TV card for the mac. I used a DVD recorder to record my shows/movies then riped the DVD to the mac then edit the comericals out. I used my iBook with VNC to control the B&W since the B&W was in the computer room and the big screen was in the living room.

In all it worked alright but it could of been better. As I said before I have a PC that I tossed in WinTV and have my big screen connected to the PC in the living room. It only has a 160GB drive but it does the job.
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Re: New Mod project: PowerTV - 03/04/07 06:37 AM

Thanks for the input!
I've got a touch screen working fine for my tablet mod, but I didn't use touch kit.  What is it?
I'm thinking of going to a smaller drive, for the sake of money, but I'll see.

Another note: i misunderstood the Keytec intergrated solution is more like $1000  confused

So i'll be buying an 19" lcd, if anyone is selling one!
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Re: New Mod project: PowerTV - 03/05/07 11:52 AM

TouchKit is a driver set that works with hundreds of touchscreen monitors. I had to use it for my car's touch screen.

It might be cheaper to buy a standard TFT LCD and then mod it to be touchable.
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Re: New Mod project: PowerTV - 03/06/07 01:04 PM

I've been googling it, but im not sure im finding the right things.  do you have a link?
i'm using (unless i find out cheaper) a keytec overlay...thats wut i currently have for my tablet project.  if there is a better and compatible software for it, id love it.  the mac drivers they supply are crippled in comparison to their windows drivers.
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Re: New Mod project: PowerTV - 03/06/07 01:17 PM

Here you go.
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Re: New Mod project: PowerTV - 03/06/07 07:31 PM

and idea how/why it might work with a touch screen not manufactured by them? 
I wont be able to try it out til tomorrow, but if it works i'll be extremely happy!
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Re: New Mod project: PowerTV - 03/06/07 09:00 PM

It's a 50/50 chance and it's worth taking
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Re: New Mod project: PowerTV - 03/08/07 05:39 AM

Just a video intro to what I've got so far (just the set together minus the touch overlay)

Check out for updates as well!
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Re: New Mod project: PowerTV - 03/08/07 11:08 PM

Installed touchkit and tested it on my tablet mod, but it doesnt do anything.  When you open it, there was an empty list and, two buttons that led to calibrations (but did nothing when i click them) and another button that said advanced (that did nothing either).
Do I have to do anything further to get it to work, or does this mean my touch screen just is incompatible?