Clamshell iBook screen resolution

Posted by: Tigaernach

Clamshell iBook screen resolution - 07/02/06 03:16 PM

Hey guys, me again.

Anyone know if it's at all possible to get the clamshell 300Mhz iBook
(OC'd to 400Mhz!) to run a screen resolution higher than 800x600?
Because it's annoying the crap oout of me that I can't get most websites
to display clearly on this measly 800x600.

Again, help is appreciated.

P.S.: Also, is it possible to install Panther or Jaguar (and possibly get
it to run at a bearable speed) without upgrading the RAM (currently at
Posted by: anil8tor

Clamshell iBook screen resolution - 07/02/06 03:55 PM

I am afraid you are stuck with 800 X 600. That is the physical limit of the display. (number of pixels) You could try replacing the LCD with a higher res one, but I don't know if the rest of the hardware would support higher res... ( I doubt it)

BTW I am running 10.3.9 on my old clamshell 366 with no problems. Not as fast as my G5 iMac running 10.4, but hey it works fine!
Posted by: Tigaernach

Clamshell iBook screen resolution - 07/02/06 04:07 PM


Thx for the quick response. Damn annoying that it's impossible to replace
the teeny weeny screen res for this 'Book, as it is my main working unit, since
I recently retired my iMac 400 to jukebox duty.
Oh well.

So you say you have 10.3.9 running on a 366? That is interesting, it is. What
amount of RAM do you have installed? What apps do you usually run on your
system? Many questions they are, know that I do.

Posted by: anil8tor

Clamshell iBook screen resolution - 07/02/06 05:26 PM

Mostly I run Firefox for web and Neooffice to do my column.
Itunes and quicktime for music and video-podcast like twit and command-n.
And iChat and iPhoto, also for my column. I just overclocked to 400mHz yesterday and I have 320 megs of ram; 256 + the onboard

Haven't had time to notice if the 400 makes much diff,

There is no such thing as too many questions in this forum! That is what its here for...

Posted by: Tigaernach

Clamshell iBook screen resolution - 07/02/06 06:21 PM

Again muchos gracias for the info.

*sigh* so that's another thing I still have to buy for my 'Book.
So far I have:
-extra RAM (preferably 512Mb)
- a bigger HD (I saw a cheap 40Gb)
-AirPort (maybe like Troy's mod guide ;))

Adding up to around 250 or so Euros. Grm.
Oh well. At least then my 'Book will be über-leet smile.

Thanks again for the info
Posted by: mordaskyt

Clamshell iBook screen resolution - 07/02/06 06:43 PM

The GPU and video are always the Achillis Heel of any all in one system like a laptop or imac. The processor may not be the fastest but still does its job, the RAM and HD can be upgraded but the GPU is what it is. I use a Pismo Powerbook as my mian system so believe me I know how you feel. Its also why I am wary of buying the new MacBook. Used white iBooks are pretty cheap on the low end as are older Titanium Powerbooks, either would give you more elbow room on screen. Just a thought.
Posted by: Tigaernach

Clamshell iBook screen resolution - 07/02/06 06:51 PM

Yes, I know.
I considered that option too, but concluded that I was too much
in love with the Toilet Seat's beutiful (dammit I can't get that word
straight) design. The sentimental value is also not to be underestimated:
this lil' 'book served the whole of my family very well for many years,
first as a workstation for my mother until my sister wrecked the Ethernet-port,
after which it served as a "family" computer for something like 2 years,
and so it finally got into my hands.
And for an unexplained reason I can't say goodbye to the wonderful PPC750
just yet...

Thanks for the feedback everyone
Posted by: anil8tor

Troy's mod guide - 07/02/06 08:02 PM

Yes Troys's mod works great! That is what I have in my iBook as of this morning. My card arrived in the post just yesterday. The cost of the original airport cards on ebay is insane!
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Clamshell iBook screen resolution - 07/02/06 08:16 PM

Heh. I'm still running my G3 Lombard, though I have said goodbye to its 750 in preference to a 7410. I had it running Tiger before that though. Ran well enough for an old 333MHz with 512MB of slow RAM.
The clamshells ALL used a 12.1" 800x600 LCD. The earlier ones had 4MB VRAM, the later ones had 8MB. Makes no odds though, the white iBooks will have different display cables. You're going to be out of luck on the screen front I'm afraid.