Car entertainment system.

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Car entertainment system. - 12/24/05 01:42 AM

Well my idea got shot down again from replacing the cube with my old Thinkpad. The Thinkpad isn't fast enough to play DVDs very well and after a while it sound awful playing MP3s. But ofcorse the thinkpad only has 200MHz and 128MB ram. Not fast enough to decode DVDs very well and the small amount of memory gets eaten up quickly from a mediacenter program i've been using. So now I went and got another iBook G3 500 MHz from a buddy from mine that used it just for the case for a custom laptop he built. Only cost me 15 bucks. it's basicly the LCD and logicboard. I can add a hard drive and I'm thinking to add a firewire DVD drive to it. Also I can swipe a stick of PC133 512MB from work to max out the memory. Since I have no case for it I can just mount everything in the dash and use a external monitor connection for the touch screen and use the stock LCD as a spare or something. Also just now thinking of it I can also add a CompactFlash to IDE adapter to it since i'll have the DVD on firewire so that will leave a spare connection on the IDE channel. This will make it easyer for moveing MP3s about and less hassle then using a slow USB jumpdrive.

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Re: Car entertainment system. - 11/17/06 02:50 PM

My think pad got stolen out of my car last week  :'(
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Re: Car entertainment system. - 11/17/06 11:12 PM

Never leave a laptop in a car. Even an old one. Thieves cannot tell the difference between an old one and a new one. If they could, they would probably be smart enough to have jobs.
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Re: Car entertainment system. - 11/18/06 05:01 AM

Thing is it was under the seat. They also took my music CDs too.
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Re: Car entertainment system. - 11/18/06 04:00 PM