screen spanning hacks?

Posted by: selim12

screen spanning hacks? - 10/12/05 03:37 PM

i was wondering if anyone knew anything about screen spanning hacks for ibooks. i was looking into it but found a lot of people saying it could potentially harm your computer. is there any truth to this and also does anyone know if there is a good place to download these programs from or any certain hack to get? any help would be awesome.

ps. if it helps i have a 1.42 ghz g4 with a mobility radeon 9550 with 32 mb vram
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Re:screen spanning hacks? - 10/12/05 03:56 PM

The hack I use is called screen spanning doctor, download here:

Works great and I have been using it for over a year without any problems on my 1.2ghz iBook G4. Avoid the Clamshell option it offers you, While others may differ I would not reccomend running the iBook with the lid closed.
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Re:screen spanning hacks? - 10/13/05 08:30 AM

It will put a bit more of a load on the gpu, thats all. Keep an eye out in case any part of the top case gets drastically warmer than usual. If you're really worried, you could try downclocking the gpu with Graphiccelerator (or whatever they call it these days).

A G3 PowerBook can run two screens at 1024x768 with a Rage LTPro and 8MB VRAM. Unless you plan to ran a monitor at ludicrous resolution, you should be fine. You can always turn the res down....

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Re:screen spanning hacks? - 10/13/05 08:55 AM

i use screen spanning doctor too
i have a 17" crt hooked up, res at 1280x1024
its been fine for months now
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Re:screen spanning hacks? - 10/13/05 03:24 PM

Definetly worth doing, I run a 19" LCD @ 1280x1024 and my 12" ibook pannel at 1024x768 and have done for about a year (G4 1.2Ghz) only problem with it is that it took away my excuse for buying a mac mini!