help! LCD scratch!

Posted by: destructospin

help! LCD scratch! - 07/17/05 11:29 AM

i accidently put a small scratch on the upper left corner of the lcd on my ibook
is there anyway i can smooth it out without ruining image quality on my screen?
Posted by: mordaskyt

Re:help! LCD scratch! - 07/17/05 11:35 AM

Do not, under any circumstances use any kind of plastic polish on your LCD! I scratched my old ibook's LCD and I bought a tube of polish for cell phone screens, All it did was remove the polarizing layer from about a 3 inch area of the screen and the scratch was still there too. It made it ten times worse. I suggest you live with it, or there a companies that will re-polarize the screen for around $100, but you could most likely find an entire LCD for a not much more than that.
Posted by: destructospin

Re:help! LCD scratch! - 07/17/05 02:14 PM

i think i'll just deal with it
it barely goes over the finder bar
so it really wont affect my Photoshop work
i was just flipping out for a bit