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Posted by: felson

Menu bar Mod - 06/16/05 11:41 PM

Trying to mod the menu bar in OS X 10.4. Trying to place my name in the menu bar,seen it in the corner where the battery icon and time reside. Please help with this, someone said this site kick @$$ when it comes to this stuff thank you. :unsure:
Posted by: soward

Re:Menu bar Mod - 06/17/05 06:29 AM

That's really not such much a 'mod', but just a setting. In the System Preferences App, select the Accounts tab. In that panel click on the Login Options button (you may have to click the lock at the bottom of the panel and enter your password first). Then select 'Enable Fast User Switching', and set the View As: pulldown to name.

Those settings get your name on the menu bar, and when you click your name, there will be a pulldown of the names of all the other account holders on the system. Selecting one will bring up a login panel, and that user can login, leaving the existing user logged in as well...
Posted by: felson

Re:Menu bar Mod - 06/17/05 04:48 PM

Thank you this was 1 of maybe many newbe mistakes on my part. I thank all who don`t respond to the post, as it saves me a little face.I found the answer today at work from a friend that is a true macaddict,unlike myself.thank you soward for the post,i will try harder in the near future to ask question that are not as dumb....... :woohoo:
Posted by: ubergeek89

Re:Menu bar Mod - 06/17/05 10:05 PM

I think I speak for everybody (i'm sorry to the admins if ths isn't my place to talk) when I say All mac related questions are welcome here. Some people are more experienced than others and that's why this site is here. And their is no such thing aa a stupid question (though I have heard a few that are borderline-lol).