12" G4 Mic Mod

Posted by: poggle

12" G4 Mic Mod - 11/26/09 06:21 PM

I'm trying to get my 12" G4 with its internal mic converted to something more sensible. I've got the case apart and unplugged the mic from the board , now it's a case of putting a jack socket in there somewhere. But first I need to know how the mic is wired,, there are three wires in the plug , two thin and one thick . Is it a stereo mic ? (unlikely) , or a powered mic ? (possibly) . Anyone out there done this or with knowledge of the spec of the mic ? Much appreciated if you can help on this.
Posted by: ctan

Re: 12" G4 Mic Mod - 11/30/09 03:46 AM

I don't know exactly, but I would guess that it is a powered mic.

Where do the wires end on the motherboard? In the same place or someplace else?
Posted by: poggle

Re: 12" G4 Mic Mod - 12/01/09 05:19 PM

In the gap between the end of the hard drive and the case . I'm half-way thru doing the mod so I'll post a link to some photos when it's done . I suspect it's a two core mono mic cable with very good screening seperatly earthed since there's so much buzz-producing stuff going on around it.