Macbook logicboard in an old radio!

Posted by: Mcnut

Macbook logicboard in an old radio! - 07/15/08 02:14 PM

Hi there all!
Im new here and this is my fist post.
I recently got my hands on a working macbook c2d logic board and i am wondering if it is possible to build it in an old radio box?

I have 2 ram chips for it a mini-dvi to dvi adaptorfor the monitor, and a 65W power adapter
The hard drive and DVD rom will be hooked up to the firewire/usb port, the keyboard/mouse to the USB.

My question is how do i power it on???? Where does the power button connect to the logic board????
Posted by: Alex Dawson

Re: Macbook logicboard in an old radio! - 07/20/08 03:00 PM

Depending on the revision of the logic board, there are two small pads near the bottom of the curve in the board for the fan, that will either be labelled "PWR BTN" or have the Power Symbol next to them. Just short them and the board starts up. Or, remove the RTC battery and as soon as power is applied to the DC-in magsafe jack, the board will start up (but complain about having the time wrong)

This took me AGES to find, because they are obscured with the fan power cable in place. I'm also doing a mod based on a MacBook logic board, so feel free to ask if you have any other questions about it.
Posted by: Mcnut

Re: Macbook logicboard in an old radio! - 07/21/08 05:21 PM

Thanks alot for the info!
Im currently away on vacation (will be back home in aprox 1month) looking forward to asking you more questions in the future when i start my project.
BTW what mod ar you working on with the MB logic board?