How I killed a Clamshell iBook

Posted by: TonimusMaximus

How I killed a Clamshell iBook - 04/02/08 02:14 AM

So, as some of you may read, I'm having trouble with the iBook I gave my G/F. I decided to try to overclock a spare iBook mobo I had laying around to see how fast I could get it to run and still be stable. So, I took the 300 mHz mobo and overclocked it to 400 mHz. I figured I could go higher, but I'd start there. So, I moved the resistors around, plugged the naked board into the wall with a wireless mouse and booted off an OS 10.2 CD. It came up fine, but while I was formatting the drive, the system locked up. Whoops. Must be too fast. So I set forth to figure out what went wrong. There was a strong smell of ozone coming from the board. Uh-oh... I checked to make sure everything was ok, let the processor cool down to room temp, and fired it back up. As soon as you turn the board on, it locks up and the processor becomes too hot to touch. As soon as you pull the power, she cools right back down. And that is how I killed a Clamshell iBook. I'm thinking I'm probably not going to try to overclock my G4 iBook.
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Re: How I killed a Clamshell iBook - 04/02/08 11:00 AM

There are things called heat sinks. I have found that you don't need it when it is running at 300MHz (I forgot to put it back on once) and it was fine. I put the heat sink back on and it is still fine. I did have my 300MHz clamshell running at 433MHz and it was fine for about a year until it was killed by lightning. And I have not (or never will) OC the mobo I bought off ebay. For what I use it for now there is no need.
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Re: How I killed a Clamshell iBook - 04/02/08 09:20 PM

That's what I get for thinking open air circulation would be enough.
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Re: How I killed a Clamshell iBook - 08/30/08 09:50 AM

hey consider yourself lucky i set one on fire.

At least you didn't almost burn your house down.
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Re: How I killed a Clamshell iBook - 08/30/08 01:40 PM

G3s without heatsinks will usually survive. G4s will not. Ever. They will spontaneously combust.