9" tablet mac

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9" tablet mac - 03/01/08 02:58 PM

New to the forum, so forgive me if any part of this has been discussed before.

I am looking at doing a 9" touch screen tablet mac, slate style. I am hoping for something eee pc sized, but mac powered.

Here is the general idea:
-Run a 9" lcd screen through the video output on a macbook(ridiculous to reconfigure a screen to run from the internal video), external monitor means i can switch to portrait or landscape right from the system prefs 'display' pane
-Lay a 4wire touch screen over the lcd and run it through one of the usb ports.
-Switch the HDD for a 16gb flash drive wired into the board, to save battery, weight and space
-create a new flat battery pack and run it through the external power input (magsafe). This means i can configure the batteries however i want instead of having to use the macbook brick and when a macbook battery is removed it underclocks to 1ghz which will mean big power savings
-no superdrive, i can use the space, weight, and power savings

So, what do you think would be some of the hang ups?

I can run the vga signal through the video output, but where on the logic board can i get the power? Does anyone have a logic board diagram where the can point out it out? I am thinking of using a black crystal case and cutting it down to size for the case. Probably mod the HDD cable by soldering a usb-hdd cable to it and then attaching the flash drive to it. For text input I am thinking of using touchStrokes, unless someone knows of a free alternative. I think on-screen gestures like double-tap, swipe for coverflow, and two finger scrolling should still work. Anyone know where I can get a used macbook logic board?

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Re: 9" tablet mac - 03/02/08 12:40 AM

You know that addonics has an adapter that lets you use a cf card in a SATA drive bay, I got the mini IDE Version and it works great
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Re: 9" tablet mac - 03/02/08 04:08 PM

Nice idea, though if rumour sites are right you'll be racing to beat Apple to a similar form factor.

The custom battery sounds like a lot of work but if you know what you are doing....
An adaptor for the HD cable would be much easier for you. The original HD cable is flexible anyway.
Powering the LCD could be tricky. If you're building batteries you could power the LCD off the magsafe too. Or Maybe the MacBook's inverter board has enough juice (You won't need the inverter itself obviously).

What do you mean about downclocking to 1GHz without the battery? Most machines scale down when they are running on battery only. The MacBook is no exception as far as I know.
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Re: 9" tablet mac - 03/02/08 05:57 PM

You don't need to make a custom battery. They already make flat batteries, of which you could set laptop right on top. I would purchase one of those and focus on fabricating an adapter for the magsafe socket.

As for SATA to CF, as Qwerty mentioned, there are adapters available... actually by several companies, so you can get one on the cheap if you hunt around for one.

For the Compact Flash, make sure you get high-speed, 300x UDMA-enabled Flash, as it's made for this sort of thing.
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Re: 9" tablet mac - 03/02/08 10:03 PM

I have a Lexar platinum in mine, it is faster than hdd, and cheap....
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Re: 9" tablet mac - 03/03/08 03:21 AM


Would love to see this mod! Please do a mod guide too, take plenty of pics and prepare a write up. We would love to feature it!
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Re: 9" tablet mac - 03/03/08 04:33 AM

Originally Posted By: "qwertyuiop"
I have a Lexar platinum in mine, it is faster than hdd, and cheap....

Skip the 80x platinum and hit up their 300x professional line...
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Re: 9" tablet mac - 03/04/08 06:02 AM

that is a great idea about running the power straight from the battery. it saves me from having to hook up another set of inverters, etc.

I will look into the CF cards and adapters, that could save me some soldering. anyone know of a straight motherboard-CF interface so i wouldn't have to go motherboard-ide-cf?

still can't find a motherboard for less that $500 which is more than i want to spend for something to drip solder all over.

the reply about apple developing one is my biggest concern right now! I am trying to feel out the currents and decide how committed i am to developing this thing ten minutes before apple ships one! one that will be undoubtedly much more attractive and feature a lower risk of electrical burns that mine smile
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Re: 9" tablet mac - 03/05/08 01:48 AM

It would be awesome to have your own designed one, and you could totally add personalized features to it to really make it your own. Do it!
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Re: 9" tablet mac - 07/09/08 08:00 PM

kuaile... i was wondering if you had made any progress on this dream that so many mac users have? and this "external monitor means i can switch to portrait or landscape right from the system prefs 'display' pane" is just plain genious