ibook mobo swap

Posted by: jordanit

ibook mobo swap - 02/01/08 05:35 PM

I recently purchased an ibook g3 500Mhz logic board to replace my burnt out 800Mhz board. I was told that it was in great working condition without any issues. So, when i got it home, I plugged in the power supply board, and hooked up everything else. When I plugged the powerbrick into the wall, it lit up green like it usually does, but when I hit the power button to turn it on, nothing happened. i was very sad! soooo, just to make sure, i plugged in the old board, turned it on, it gave me the startup chime, the fan spun for a few seconds, and continued. so, i know that the parts are working. then, i plugged just the power supply, fan, and the switch/speakers into the 500mhz board, booted it up, and nothing. no chime, no fan, no nothing.

When i first got the board, I noticed it has a tiny connection that my 800mhz doesn't have.it's located right across from the audio in jack, between the speaker connection and one of the video ones. it's got a inch or so of red and black wire, with a 1cm x 1cm circuit board on it. Is there any chance that this would have anything to do with why it won't boot? Or, is there some sort of failsafe power thing i'm missing?? or is this just a faulty board??
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Re: ibook mobo swap - 02/01/08 06:39 PM

A few years ago i did almost the exact opposite switch that you did, switching a 500mhz with an 800mhz board in a 12" ibook.

I believe that the extra wires you are referring to are for the modem or the rj-11 jack on the side of the case. As it turned out, when i swapped boards there was no room in the case for the modem from the original to fit on the 800, so there are the modem wires loose in the case and a non-functioning RJ-11 on the side. The laptop works fine, happily running 10.4.11 without it's modem..

Just something to think about.. Good luck with your swap, i dont know what kind of work you will be doing with only 500MHz of G3, but its completely feasible. Also keep in mind that the mount points are significantly different too, but a few of them will line up. I think that my ibg3 is only missing somewhere around four or five screws.

Good luck!
Posted by: jordanit

Re: ibook mobo swap - 02/17/08 05:38 PM

Thanks for your thoughts. I'm pretty sure the little extra bit i was referring too isn't the modem, as the modem i pulled off my 800mhz board was a lot bigger and located next to the RJ11 jack. This one is A LOT smaller (smaller than my pinky fingernail!). There's also another little offshoot at the very front of the board approximately a little bit to the left of where the latch would be. It's even smaller than the previous mystery board, and i think it's the little light that glows when the computer's asleep.

Any chance that the board not booting could be a result of some weird powersupply issue? It's also quite possible that the board's just dead in general. frown

Thanks again