Frozen Screen on a Powerbook.

Posted by: KnifeLord

Frozen Screen on a Powerbook. - 10/05/07 02:19 AM

Hey all long time no see!
I have a despite problem and my first thought was to go to the fellas over at Macmod! My problem is this, the bottom 3/4 of my screen freezes a lot... in fact as I type this it is frozen... the only way I can get it to unfreeze is to twist the screen or press the center of it... Does anyone know how this can be fixed? My computer is a Powerbook G4 Al. (If it matters I stupidly partitioned the HD so that there is two parts to it... though I think that is minor. Its also an earlier powerbook HD...)

Posted by: KnifeLord

Re: Frozen Screen on a Powerbook. - 10/05/07 02:35 AM

New note... I am fairly sure the back has been dented in slightly... pulling on it using some tape kinda helped... the screen isn't frozen right at the moment. Though I'm not entirely sure that is what happened. It is a clean line across the screen...
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Re: Frozen Screen on a Powerbook. - 10/05/07 08:34 AM

I would remove the rear housing and test for it. If the issue does not re-ocurr, then either get a new one or try and bend yours back outward. Sounds like its putting pressure on the LVDS cable.
Be aware that unlike Apple will (not) tell you, you don't have to remove everything else to do this. If you are careful, you can remove the two hex screws without taking the screen off. Then just use a paint scraper or something to pry it off carefully. Start at the top. Mind the antenna cables when you remove it.
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Re: Frozen Screen on a Powerbook. - 10/05/07 01:04 PM

Hmm alright, thanx. I'll try that later today.