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airport mod - 09/24/07 01:16 AM

I bought a clamshell after much thought, I and other people online thought a clamshell would be sufficant for my basic mac needs...  I picked up a blueberry for 75 bucks; dead battery, 96mb, 3gb... when it arrived I was suprised that it had airport, it was a mistake by the seller...  I ordered a lucent wavelan on the same day, I've put them in clamshells before, and I was wondering will the internal antenna work when I have the ibooks antenna plugged into it, it's pretty easy and a little more range cant hurt wink.  thanks for ur help
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Re: airport mod - 09/24/07 05:04 AM

I think the ibook antenna will have a different connector.  You may have to strip it and put on a new connector.

I love this site...
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Re: airport mod - 09/24/07 05:04 AM

also, what about drivers for that?
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Re: airport mod - 09/24/07 01:54 PM

I have a lucent Orinoco card in my clamshell and the antenna fit, and it just worked. Uses the apple drivers in both os9 and osx. All I had to do as remove the modem and some of the heat-sink so the antenna would fit.
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Re: airport mod - 09/24/07 07:41 PM

Yeah, the old orinoco cards were broadcom and are recognised as airport or airport extreme cards. Not sure thats true of the newer ones. I know for a fact that Belkin cards change chipset without even changing model number.
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Re: airport mod - 09/24/07 08:09 PM

the lucent wavelan cards are the same thing as airports....  they just have internal antennas, they do have the same jack... I've done it before, I just don't know it it will improve my wi-fi range
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Re: airport mod - 09/27/07 02:44 AM

Does this mean that a airport card can work on a PC based laptop?
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Re: airport mod - 09/27/07 05:29 AM

Providing you have a 3rd-party driver able to run on that particular chipset, then yes. 

I wonder if the drivers included with Bootcamp would work?
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Re: airport mod - 09/27/07 08:44 AM

They might well do.
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Re: airport mod - 09/29/07 02:05 AM

The drivers in Boot Camp are for the newer AirPort Extreme cards that are in all the Intel macs. The new cards are completely different than the old cards.