ibook g3/600 processor upgrade..

Posted by: anotherway7

ibook g3/600 processor upgrade.. - 04/18/07 12:22 AM

Are there any processor upgrades for the g3 ibook (600mhz model)? My friends mom had 5 of them in her home, and decided she wanted to throw them away, so I explained to her that she is crazy and that I would be more than glad to take them off of her hands and out of her way. They had no battery or power cords, but I am ordering the new ones at the moment. I was just going to deck them out a little bit, then put them up for sale. If anyone is interested in them in the state their in now, let me know, they are doing me too much use...
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: ibook g3/600 processor upgrade.. - 04/18/07 07:05 AM

No CPU upgrades for those I'm afraid. Just bump the RAM as high as you can. Maybe update the OS'.