super ibook clam shell

Posted by: snorian

super ibook clam shell - 04/05/07 07:16 PM

how powerful could I get a clam shell to be upgraded to / is it possible to scrap the inards and put in newer more powerful stuff, mabey even intel and run OSX 86. I love the look of the ibook Clamshells but they are far to slow for them to be useful to me.
Posted by: ipodphoto

Re: super ibook clam shell - 04/05/07 10:15 PM

theortically you could take out everything so your left with the shell and then start from scratch.
Posted by: snorian

Re: super ibook clam shell - 04/06/07 07:34 AM

yes that theory sounds wonderful now does anyone know about any parts that I could use for such a project
Posted by: ipodphoto

Re: super ibook clam shell - 04/06/07 04:23 PM

i tried googling to find the dimensions of the motherboard of the ibook. I couldn't find anything on it, however could u measure it or does someone else know the sizes?? Then it would be a case of finding a motherboard you are happy with that meets or is close to the sizes, a suitible power supply etc.

sounds like a really cool idea as the ibook clamshells are really cool laptops.
good luck
Posted by: maestro

Re: super ibook clam shell - 04/06/07 10:16 PM

That is a pretty big task you want to undertake.  Really as it stands you could get it running at 500mhz but it has a hampered bus.  Fitting PC stuff in there would be tough as the motherboard shapes in laptops are all designed for the case they go into.  I would love to see you try it though.  Be sure to post pics if you do!
Posted by: BOM

Re: super ibook clam shell - 04/07/07 06:13 AM

I've been tinkering with an iBook mod, I measured the circuit board from a G4 12" last week.

It's 21.6 cm x 16.3 cm (8 1/2" x 6 1/2") - quite a bit smaller than the iBook's case.

The two problems I foresee with this mod are:
1. finding a screen or video cable that fits, and
2. finding a way to integrate the ports into the original case - the clamshell iBook had the ports spread out in a curve, the new iBook has the ports are in a straight line.

love to see you do this.
Posted by: mordaskyt

Re: super ibook clam shell - 04/07/07 12:13 PM

Ditch the 12" 800x600 screen from the  ibook and replace it with the 12" screen from the powerbook. The 12" white ibook screens will work too as long as you have the correct cables. The main challenges will be structural, mounting the logic board and figuring out where/how to mount the components in the new case. You may also find you will have problems with the keyboard and track pad as well.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: super ibook clam shell - 04/08/07 02:24 PM

I reckon MacBook guts would go in there.
Posted by: gthicjohn

Re: super ibook clam shell - 12/30/07 10:14 PM

Nano-ITX and Pico-ITX will possibly fit just gonna be hard getting the monitor and keyboard working (alot of work) but the slim boards of those could fit.
Posted by: gthicjohn

Re: super ibook clam shell - 12/30/07 10:15 PM

The ports could fit because they arnt on the board they are on a cable that u attach to the board so u could hook the stuff to the case.
Posted by: TonimusMaximus

Re: super ibook clam shell - 01/23/08 10:08 PM

You could stuff a lot in a clamshell case, especially if you went with an external optical drive. I wouldn't recommend it though. The cases are notoriously bad. They crack and split very easily. And since you'd have to put new mounting points on the bottom of the case, it would be one hell of a challenge. The cases have very poor heat transfer qualities too. If you really want to do it, just be very careful. I have cracked many cases from just normal use. Here's a couple of pictures for you. The motherboard measures 12"x7" with a 5"x4" cutout for the optical drive. The motherboard is on a sheet of paper for size reference.