iMac G3 to Mac Color Classic ???

Posted by: zzgus

iMac G3 to Mac Color Classic ??? - 03/18/07 12:20 AM

Has anyone of this group performed the iMac G3 to Color Classic modification?

I'm in the process of starting it and there are some missing steps in the manual I'm following.


Gus from Spain
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: iMac G3 to Mac Color Classic ??? - 03/18/07 06:22 AM

Not to my knowledge but I remember seeing a site a few years back where people modded their color classic and color classic 2 to use a PPC 6500 logicboard with a G3 upgrade card. It also used the stock monitor but it was a whole rewire job.

My advice is to use a LCD monitor so you will have plenty of room and use a micro ATX power supply to power the logicboard. Or if you can get ahold of a xbox power supply then it will help you a way lot more since the case is urber small. I always wanted to try this mod for my self but I have never came across a classic all-in-one case to play with.