ATi/nVidia graphics in MacBook

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ATi/nVidia graphics in MacBook - 02/10/07 03:58 AM

Is the above possible, or just obscenely difficult (I will attempt if it's the latter, and if successful, post the results).

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Re: ATi/nVidia graphics in MacBook - 02/10/07 06:08 AM

What do you mean? As in upgradeing the board to use a diffrent chipset? If thats the case then don't bother with it because it will not work and if it does work it won't work very well. You can although put in more memory on it by finding some compatable memory chips and desolder the old ones and put on the new ones.
Have to remember the BIOS/Frimware is diffrent with each GPU chipset unless you can find a GPU that is the same model but has a faster clock. So say you have a ATI Readon 7000 and you want to change it to a ATI 9800 then you would have to change the BIOS/Frimware.
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Re: ATi/nVidia graphics in MacBook - 02/10/07 09:09 AM

MacBooks share system RAM with the GPU. Soldering memory chips is therefore not an option. You can however simply install bigger DIMMS.
Perhaps there is a way to allocate more RAM to the GPU through software or firmware.
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Re: ATi/nVidia graphics in MacBook - 10/12/07 05:08 PM

I know this is old, but I want to resurrect it to mention that both Nvidia and ATI offer integrated graphics solutions with shared memory for laptops these days, both of which provide faster and more robust solutions than Intel's GMA.

A heat gun would be required to remove Intel's chip and solder in its replacement, but if the pinout is the same and the bios (EFI) supports it, it would probably work -but bios support is the big question.
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Re: ATi/nVidia graphics in MacBook - 10/13/07 02:44 AM

It would seem doubtful that the pinout would be the same either. The chip will be tailored to the MacBooks display pinouts to an extent. So you'll need to find an integrated chip from another notebook with the same LCD panel.
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Re: ATi/nVidia graphics in MacBook - 10/13/07 11:54 AM

Actually. the only reliable source of information, as far as the pinout is concerned, is going to be product specification itself (ie a spec sheet).There are too many different panels made by too many different manufacturers in several sizes, (all running off these same chips) to rely on that -not to say it isn't a good start, though.