putting fans into an clamshell

Posted by: Mikeyullinger

putting fans into an clamshell - 12/31/06 08:36 PM

I was upgrading my ibook clamshell with some parts from my dad's old Inspiron and just decided to rip into the Dell PoC (peice of crap). I was able to salvage a bit of RAM, a 30 gig HD, and two small, attached fans. I then proceeded to realize that I had no use for my modem since my house uses wireless DSL and I was going to hack in a wireless card. I ended up coughing up the dough for an Airport card so I have some extra space in my clammy. I did a test fit and the fans fit perfectly over both the processor and the video card. Both fans are DC 5V, 0.6W. They both have 3 wires, a red, a black, and a yellow that terminate into a 3 pin connector. Is there anyway to splice these into by iBook? Where/how should I wire them? How should they be placed for the best airflow?

P.S. I also removed the telephone port on the side, so there is a small hole on the side of the laptop, along with the ventilation slits near the hinge.
Posted by: manhackman

Re: putting fans into an clamshell - 12/31/06 11:14 PM

I'm planning on adding an extra fan to my tibook in the near future... Its going to be my first attempt at modding. My first guess would be finding the power for the usb port internally and wiring it up from there... do you have a multimeter? if so you may be able to find power on other parts.