iBook G3 LCD mod

Posted by: the_woof

iBook G3 LCD mod - 11/04/06 04:25 AM

I couldn't find anything about this with Google searches, so I'm just posting my question here hoping that someone has done something similar. I just got a broken G3 iBook (600mhz) from a friend. I've taken it apart in a somewhat messy way, leaving the HD, CD drive, monitor, and all boards intact.

I want to hook the monitor up to a regular PC running windows. I'd prefer to use a VGA cable, but I'd be willing to use a parallel port. I want to power it through the computer.

Can anyone give me links to pinouts or something so I can do this?

Posted by: manhackman

Re: iBook G3 LCD mod - 11/04/06 07:03 AM

The short answer is nope.  Its not just pinouts that you need... You would also need a controller, which are specific to each LCD. In notebooks it's incorporated in the logic board, and it's not the kind thing you can just buy (well some you can, but it's few) and if you could it would cost as much as a new lcd.  This often called "the holy grail".
Posted by: the_woof

Re: iBook G3 LCD mod - 11/04/06 05:03 PM

While I'm disappointed that this is the case, it makes sense.

Posted by: manhackman

Re: iBook G3 LCD mod - 11/04/06 06:41 PM

well, if know that the components work, you can try to sell em (ebay?) which could fund the LCD screen.  Although it isn't as satisfying as modding :p