Water cooled memory.

Posted by: TCPMeta

Water cooled memory. - 08/08/06 01:16 AM

I think I have gotten a idea for water cooling memory. Altough it doesn't really need it but it comes in handy.

Copper tubing going between two sticks cooling two sticks of memory at once. Also it has hoses going on each end of the copper tubing for water to go though.
I'm testing this idea on my sawtooth. The tubing fits snug and doesn't make any contact to leads on the memory. I'm going to run it for 24 hours and see how it works.

I just noticed I posted this in the laptop section. Sorry about that lol.
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Re: Water cooled memory. - 08/08/06 05:00 AM

Wait, liquid cooling sticks in a laptop...?  shocked

Holy Shnikeys! That would be an awesome mod! What if... oh wait, this is for a desktop  :P

Seriously, that's something to consider. It won't be as effective as custom ram liquid cooling systems, but probably more effective than fan cooling. It would obviously need direct contact with the chip. It would take some tweeking and probably some additions, because the heat transfer from chip to tube isn't going to be very efficient.
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Re: Water cooled memory. - 09/19/06 08:35 PM

Homemade H20 is always cool, pardon the pun.  There are companies that make these though, and they are pretty slick.  One problem.  Mac users dont have the same ability to OC memory as PC users (it can be done, but its not the same and doesnt work as well.  BUT, I say, what the hell!  Too much is never enough.  I would love to see some serious bus overclocking on Macs...now if we could just keep those pesky PCI controllers in line!
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Re: Water cooled memory. - 09/20/06 03:40 AM

no offense but water cooled memory is total overkill.
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re: Water cooled memory. - 09/20/06 04:52 AM

Overkill? Is such a thing possible?
Posted by: maestro

Re: Water cooled memory. - 09/20/06 12:54 PM

Ya know.....this gives me an idea.  A watercooled laptop.  Now that is something that is going to steal some useful brain power for some time.
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Re: Water cooled memory. - 09/20/06 12:57 PM

Now that would be uber awesome. Of course, you could never move it...
Posted by: soundmann18

Re: Water cooled memory. - 09/20/06 01:38 PM

If the laptop were a powerbook, you could make a watercooled laptop stand, extending the whole aluminum-case-is-a-big-heatsink idea.
Posted by: zenstate

Re: Water cooled memory. - 10/09/06 07:19 PM

Originally Posted By: "shadowboxer47 "

Overkill? Is such a thing possible?

yes  smile

a heatsink is all that hot memory will ever need.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Water cooled memory. - 10/25/06 12:39 PM

I have thought of a idea that might work for water cooling a laptop. Thing is it will look kinda getho. Small PVC all around the buttom (like a frame) and in the middle of the bottom of the laptop you can have a pump. The pump can be powered via firewire and the hose can run though the vent on the back where the LCD folds out. As for the water block you can just run some small copper tubing that runs into a bigger fitting that can sit on the CPU. Or if you can weld you can make a slim water block.

This way it still can be mobile but you don't want to drop it unless you use like Fiberglass to hold the PCV together.
Posted by: Anonymous

Water Cooled Laptop - 10/25/06 06:57 PM

The biggest issue you have is the fact that the pump is going to have to be completely sealed off to retain the functionality of a laptop.  If you want to carry it around or move it you will have to keep it completely upright so the pump won't be sucking any air (killing the pump and probably frying the computer).  You would also need to have an external fan for cooling the "water".

Keep your eyes on the Hardware Product Reviews, you should see something that will spark your interest in the next few days, hopefully.  I can't say more. I've said enough already.