Clamshell AirPort

Posted by: Tigaernach

Clamshell AirPort - 07/12/06 01:49 PM

Hi there.

Anyone know if it's possible to place a modern
AirPort card in an old Clamshell 300Mhz?

Help appreciated
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Clamshell AirPort - 07/12/06 03:56 PM

Yep. I believe they were the first machines to use them.
Posted by: Tayklor

No 2nd - 07/12/06 07:49 PM

Yes It Will Work, But Olny With 1st. gen. Airport, the 11 MBPS:email:
Posted by: Kisin

Clamshell AirPort - 07/12/06 11:19 PM

You Could Also Try And Find A Lucent Technologies Card (or One Using The Lucent Chipset Like The Orinoco Gold And Orinoco Silver) Mod It An Fit It In.
Remember, Borrow And Test Before You Buy.
Your Ibook Should Recognize It As An Original Airport Card, Just Remember To Turn On The Airport Extensions If You Are Using Mac Os 9!!!