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iTablet - 07/09/06 09:21 PM

I want to make an iTablet like the one in the mod guide:

But It's not a how to, so I took apart a broken (kinda) ibook G3 500 and sort of made one
(no Touch Pad Or Click) and I want some help


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iTablet - 07/10/06 12:15 AM

Well you have the ibook you basically need the touchscreen.

These guys have a good price. It wont be too hard to do and the results will be well worth it.
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Thanks! - 07/10/06 12:21 PM

OK good:shade:
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Re: iTablet - 09/02/06 11:19 PM

Tayklor, You're not the ony one. I have been to so many websites and read about touchscreens, controllers, drivers and I'm totally confused. I have seen recently more drivers showing up for OSX.
I have checked out e-bay for a dead screen iBook or Powerbooks and decided I didn't know enough to try this project. Not yet anyway!

I'm wondering if it would be easier with a singe core Intel processor. Wacom supports a lot of PC Tablets and Apple with their Cintq  and Wacom tablet you get full INK functions..  I have seen a lot of Mods where guys have put touch screens in their cars and they work but they don't have pen capabilites just touch screen. I want to have full use of INK which you don't get from Troll and other manufacturers.  I have looked at Joseph DeRuvo's mod so many times and contacted him and he suggested I take the screen from my Fujitsu tablet but it wouldn't even  give me the same HWR I get from my 2 Newtons. I have considered buying a new Macbook and since you can get Windows through Bootcamp or Parallels and load up the  drivers for the touchscreen but I would rather walk on hot coals than try loading up drivers in XP again. But  it may be the only way to get some decent alternative HWR software from MSN developers.

One day someone will post the best hardware solution with drivers, controllers, touchscreen with  step by step instructions. Apple has some good pictures with  step by step instructions to replace parts but you need to know what to replace it with and be sure it is compatible.  Maybe this post will get some people talking again.

Good Luck
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Re: iTablet - 09/09/06 01:08 AM

This is what I am using on my pismo
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Re: iTablet - 09/09/06 02:41 AM

I have been trying to build a tablet into a laptop screen for several months. The main challenge is the lcd itself. The wacom reads fine behind the glass portions of the screen but not the circuit portions. The touchscreen is easier because it simply sits atop the screen.
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Re: iTablet - 09/19/06 02:53 PM

I have decided to pile onto this project as well if you look at my other post.

I saw the screen above, but think I have found a better screen setup here:

this one has drivers for OS X and cost $165 total so much better than Troll Touch and a whole lot friendlier.

I posted another listing about a CF Card drive setup, does anybody have any ideas?
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Re: iTablet - 09/19/06 03:46 PM

Okay I too have been pondering a tablet Mac. I have a few ideas as to things that might be useful. First a wacom style tablet is easily the best way to go. Second wacom supply tablets for most of the tablet PC's out there and I have found 2 at veryreasonable prices. The toshiba Portege 3500 caught my attention because it has a 12" screen and mine will be based off a 12" PB 1.33. I believe the interface is an internal usb using a proprietary connector. If I could figure the pinout for that digitizer it should work straight off the bat by mounting it underneath the circuit board for the display (between the display and circuit). I wouldn't have the faintest clue how to work out the pinout for one of these. OS X and ink recognise wacom tablets ithout drivers so even if the standard wacom drivers (which is basically the same driver across the product range) don't work you would still have click, mouse and HWR.

Anyone have any info on these as this is the direction I will be working in and am also looking at a desktop equiv.
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Re: iTablet - 09/19/06 04:08 PM

Good to hear abou the wacom tablets not needing the drivers to be recognized. I just ordered an old tablet of ov ebay for $20! Any idea if they need the pen as well or could you just use a stylus in the mean time. I am considering a dual imput setup. the screen would be essentially a touch pad and the tablet part an input for ink. Ideas?
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Re: iTablet - 09/19/06 04:41 PM

Originally Posted By: "bmartinek "

Good to hear abou the wacom tablets not needing the drivers to be recognized. I just ordered an old tablet of ov ebay for $20! Any idea if they need the pen as well or could you just use a stylus in the mean time. I am considering a dual imput setup. the screen would be essentially a touch pad and the tablet part an input for ink. Ideas?

You need the pen, sorry. Wacom tablets are active as in they dont use a passive touch screen surface like the ones used on most PDA's etc. I have thought about dual input where I'd just replace the keyboard with a tablet and maybe use a passive touchscreen. Wacom have a tablet called a biztab or something like that. It is very small and cheap and could be intergrated quite easily.
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Re: iTablet - 09/21/06 11:28 AM

I wonder, has anyone considered making this mod on one of the newer laptops?  A 15 inch i-tablet pro would up the wow factor, not to mention be better for things like photoshop and corel panter (which makes even my g5 imac jug a little).  Right now I can only afford a macbook, but I'm ordering components for a 13' mini cintiq that I want to put together I want to put together for now, and add them to my new laptop later.  I took apart my itsybitsy graphire so I kinda know how the tablet fits together but I need some advice on how to hookup the monitor.  Thanks for listening, and good job on what you guys have done so far!
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Re: iTablet - 09/22/06 12:52 AM

A mini cintiq? I'm not sure what you mean. The wacom tablets have a fair bit of overhang which would make it difficult to fit in a laptop. I don't know which tablet/display you are trying toput together but I know that a 6 x 8 graphire will not fit in a 12" enclosure even though the graphire's working area is only 10". I know that a 15" can probably be done quite easy as a 9 x 12 tablet is exactly the same size as a 15" but they only make intuos in a 12 x 9. There are some alternative brands out there - none of which work really well with a mac but should be fine for navigation and HWR. Medion is one example. You will still need a custom inclosure to fit it all in - plus 15" displays are mostly pretty lousy by modern standards.
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Re: iTablet - 09/22/06 02:45 PM

THis may be usefull: pics of a 6 x 8 graffire dissassebled:
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Re: iTablet - 09/25/06 04:21 AM

Thanks - I have pulled apart mine and realized that the working area is quite a bit smaller than the total size of the board. This makes it extremly difficult to fit into a laptop. I have also been looking at a display assembly from a tc1100 HP tablet. 10" screen with the possibility of easy intergration.
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Re: iTablet - 09/27/06 08:40 AM

I reallize that they don't sell 15 inch intuos models but they do sell components for that size.   

I was just wondering if I could just join a tablet to a monitor the size of the new macbooks and use that as a portable cintiq until my one year applecare plan is used up.
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Re: iTablet - 09/27/06 08:43 AM

Quick note, check out there's some news about a new developement in tablets that can be used with touch as well as pen. 

Sorry for double posting!