Laptop Power Jacks

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Laptop Power Jacks - 06/16/06 09:09 PM

Does anyone know how much success I might have if I unsoldered the big old Power jack from an old PowerBook G3, and replaced it with a newer one from a dead G4 or later iBook?
I'm obviously hoping it would allow the use of a newer PSU.
Posted by: mordaskyt

Laptop Power Jacks - 06/16/06 11:57 PM

I have thought about this too. I think it would work as long as the pins on the board line up. You don't really risk much by trying as the G3 jacks are on a daughtercard and not on the logic board.
Posted by: TutAnGeek

Laptop Power Jacks - 06/17/06 02:26 AM

Be aware that the fatter plugs (as seen on the black rectangular and transulcent saucer adapters) are 45 watts whereas the thinner (as seen on the white bricks etc) adapters are 65 watts. I don't think that there would be a problem, but something to keep in mind none the less (especially if you are trying to use an old adapter on a new machine, though that doesn't sound like what you're doing, but worth saying for others reading this thread).
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Laptop Power Jacks - 06/17/06 06:31 PM

Actually the recently replaced PSUs came in two power ratings. iBooks have always used 45W adaptors from the start. The older larger units from the G3s black bricks to both versions of the Yo-yo (large and small jacks). The early Titanium PowerBooks used 45W too. The 12" Alu PowerBook also used a 45W white brick. The last of the TiBooks, the 15" and 17" Alu PowerBooks all use 65W adaptors.
For the record, the MacBook uses a 65W Magsafe adaptor, and the MBPs run on the physically larger 85W units.

Magsafes aside, the PowerBooks and iBooks will usually boot and run off either the 45W or 65W units with no ill effects (they only draw the power they need). The 45W units will only charge the batteries of the bigger PowerBooks very slowly though.
Posted by: mordaskyt

Laptop Power Jacks - 06/18/06 12:24 PM

I found that the charging status LED on the newer bricks will work properly on the older books. My ibook G3 500 shipped with a yo-yo adaptor, but the newer one works fine. So I would think it would work on a PB G3 as well
Posted by: JediJoker7169

Laptop Power Jacks - 06/20/06 02:34 AM

To be safe, I would search for a secondhand 45W white brick on eBay or elsewhere. As far as I know, Apple only sells the 65W ones as replacement/extra parts.