Can you boot iBook from USB?

Posted by: anil8tor

Can you boot iBook from USB? - 05/13/06 10:07 PM

I just got a 40 Gig hard drive for my iBook clamshell 366, here is the problem; I purchased OS X 10.3 on DVD ( Ok, my head was elsewhere at the time...) my clamshell doesn't have a super drive. I have been all over the net and have read some places that you can boot from an external USB drive. I have also read several places that you cant. With out Fire wire I was going to use my external USB drive. I have an old 20 Gig Hd that I formatted for boot and copied the dvd to, with my G5. any one have experience with this? Can it be done? If so what keyboard commands do I use? (Command U?)
Posted by: mordaskyt

Can you boot iBook from USB? - 05/13/06 11:01 PM

holding down option on startup will give you the list of available, bootable drives, the usb drive will either be listed or not...
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Can you boot iBook from USB? - 05/14/06 11:38 AM

The 'easiest' way to do your install would be to remove the HD and install in another machine, then put it back. But if you're going to take the iBook to bits, you may as well just shell out a few bucks on a DVD-ROM and fit that instead.
Posted by: Antonio

Can you boot iBook from USB? - 05/15/06 12:17 AM

If there's no OS on the new internal drive at all, then no keyboard shortcut is necessary, though pressing and holding the option key at startup will give you a GUI listing of all bootable partitions connected to the computer.

If there is nothing on the new disk, all you have to do is connect the external drive to the USB port, boot the iBook, and it will search until it finds the drive connected, if the USB drive is supported, which, iirc, is dependent upon the controller chipset.

Also, I hope you used Carbon Copy Cloner to copy the DVD (and make the drive bootable), or it won't work at all.
Posted by: tedj

Can you boot iBook from USB? - 05/16/06 03:41 AM

You cannot boot from usb. Sorry! Try a firewire drive for results...