Power Jack Swap

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Power Jack Swap - 04/18/06 08:16 PM

I have swapped like for like power jacks before with my trusty soldering iron, and I have heard about adaptors which allow the use of newer PSUs with smaller jack plugs on older Mac Laptops (Or maybe its the other way around), so I am wondering: Could I just unsolder the large power jack, and solder on a small one in order to use a newer PSU? I like the green/orange light smile

Any thoughts?
Posted by: mordaskyt

Power Jack Swap - 04/18/06 09:21 PM

I've soldered like for like before too, but never a newer one, the size and position of the pins would have to match, thats all. The adaptor by Madsonline and called "Generation Gap" Allows older "Big Plug" adaptors to be used by the newer 'books. Never seen one that went the other way.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Power Jack Swap - 04/19/06 06:21 AM