G4 Daughter Card Adapter ?

Posted by: iBookdude458

G4 Daughter Card Adapter ? - 01/29/06 09:25 PM

Is there away to adapt a G4 daughter card that is too big for the motherboard to work on the motherboard? I'm not talking about adapting a different connector. the same connector but the card is too long and hits the IDE bus connector. is there an adapter to raise the card connector on the bord up a little to connect the card?
Posted by: maestro

Re:G4 Daughter Card Adapter ? - 01/30/06 12:36 AM

No, there are no such adaptors. The only thing you can do is cut off the ide conn. That would be ok if you bought a hard drive contoller for a pci slot. It would access disks much faster too. Check out my article on this site for Firmteks sata card.