Two batteries in an iBook

Posted by: mordaskyt

Two batteries in an iBook - 12/03/05 09:30 AM

Induldge my fantasy world for a moment in which there is room inside my iBook for two batteries.(more on that mad scheme later) Does anyone have any idea what would happen if you wired two laptop batteries in parallell? Obviously voltage would not be an issue but what about the battery's smart charging circuits? Would the system be able to read both batteries as one? ideally showing one big battery with accurate charge and other info? Would it still just see one battery's info and ignore the other? would the whole thing just up and die? Any thoughts welcome.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:Two batteries in an iBook - 12/03/05 01:10 PM

I would wire the existing battery connector to two more with some kind of switch to flick between them. Not ideal I know, but it would be a safer way to do it.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Two batteries in an iBook - 12/03/05 01:49 PM

thats a good question. You need to find out how the controller chip is setup. Does it know the limits of the battery? My guess is that it probably does, to save from overcharging the unit and ruining the battery. However, it may be able to just detect "full" ? Not really sure how this works, but maybe thats a little guidance :huh:
Posted by: anil8tor

Re:Two batteries in an iBook - 12/03/05 06:18 PM

"Crossing the streams would be incredibly bad Ray!"

Correct me if I am wrong, voltage is not an issue, however amperage would increase. This would confuse the controller as to charge state for sure. As to damage to the board? Sounds a little dicey to me. Proceed with caution! :unsure:
Posted by: soundmann18

Re:Two batteries in an iBook - 12/03/05 07:22 PM

Yeah, it would be the amsp that would change, i would say go for putting in a switch so you could change batteries, but I don't know how that would work well, cuz for the instant between one battery being on and the other would the computer be getting any juice? Good luck with the project, and may i suggest trying it on a poc pc laptop before you risk frying a nice iBook?